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So happy I came across your articles – brave, bang on, reassuring & informative, your words made me laugh, grimace & cry with recognition… An empowering breath of fresh air, I’m so grateful to know I’m not alone in this mad mad world. Thank you – & more please.

Helen R

Your chocolate is insane.


During a really challenging pregnancy, Lucy gave me a completely sublime sound bath. Having been in intense pain for months, the deep relaxation I received from the sound therapy was such a welcome relief. Thank you so much.


Lightyears ahead of your time, let this kind of fighting spirit & authenticity be the new normal.

Caroline E

Upon meeting Lucy for my consultation, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I felt at ease with her gentle & natural approach. I feel that she is exceptionally patient, someone who waits, listens & wants to get to know you before engaging in prescriptive dialogue. I was comforted with the feeling that there was no fixed agenda or protocol, no ‘one size fits all’ attitude, but a genuine kind & compassionate approach as she connected with my lifestyle & my energy. Lucy understands the healing principles of removing what doesn’t belong to us & getting back to who we naturally are.