My story of how I came to be a naturopath…

The details are not something I’ve shared with many people, but given that the world is currently shunting its way uncomfortably through the twilight zone, it now feels very relevant.

I come from a very conventional (albeit narcissistic; more on that later) family, in a very conventional town, & one day about 23 years ago, something very unconventional happened to me.

One evening, when I was eating a stuffed pepper, I suddenly saw the Earth like I wasn’t on it. I also felt like I wasn’t on it, but somehow still at the dinner table at the same time. Despite it being a very brief experience, when I ‘came back’, I felt very very weird, like I was a bit to the side of myself & I suddenly found it incredible that everyone was just going about their daily business without thinking how weird that we’re living on some kind of ball in the sky & don’t seem to have any idea why.
I also had a new awareness of energy, but I’ve just scrunched up 5 pieces of paper trying to describe that, so I’ll leave it there.

What followed was about 5 years of ‘strange’ experiences & wondering if I was having a breakdown before I realised that what had happened to me had been some kind of spiritual shift… which is what led me into the world of natural health.

It was far from comfortable though. For many years I had a constant feeling that I was straddling two worlds. As my partner Graham once put it, ‘Basically, Luce, you had one foot either side of the fence & the fence was slightly higher than your inside leg.’
Exactly that.

Careerwise, I worked with ex-prisoners, drug addicts, & people with mental health issues, & again found this huge disparity, but this time within the human body.

‘We’ll help with the drug addiction when the psychosis has gone.’
‘We’ll help with the psychosis when the drug addiction has gone.’

I left in frustration thinking how could it even be thought possible to truly heal a human being by metaphorically chopping them into bits? Looking around at the general deterioration of health amongst people was all I needed to confirm that it isn’t possible at all. If our current reductionist method of dealing with health worked, there wouldn’t be an ever increasing level of chronic ill health. It really is as simple as that.
From here I quickly became aware of the corruption within the medical world; something that I & probably millions of others are now insanely relieved has been finally coming to light since 2020 & will continue to unravel throughout the coming years.

…So I knew that I wanted to learn something holistic, because I now knew that with a bird’s eye view you see more, & the interconnection between everything becomes clearer, so I set about using myself as a human guinea pig.

I eventually came across naturopathic nutrition 18 years ago & it instantly rang true.
At last; something that bridges the gap, relieving me of that uncomfortable straddle.
Something that acknowledges the influence that food, drugs, thoughts, feelings, energy, radiation, toxins etc, have on the physical & energetic levels of the cells, organs, body, planet & universe.

Everything. All in.

Since then I’ve learnt not only about the difference good nutrition can make to the body, but also to the mind (I used to suffer from anxiety).

I’ve learnt first hand that our thoughts, energy & relationships can influence not only ourselves but those around us, & not only their emotions but their bodies too…  This led me to learn about the quantum field, vibration & the world of sound & frequency healing, which I began incorporating into my work several years ago.

I’ve also witnessed & experienced all kinds of ‘incurable’ things being cured, & I for one have not been to the doctor in over 15 years.

All that said, I made a pact with myself 20 odd years ago, when what I craved more than anything was something or someone that could just sit with me somewhere between ‘normal’ & ‘out there’, that however far down the road to the alternative I ended up, I would never, ever, forget the discomfort of straddling that fence.

Now it seems that more people than ever are going through similar changes as the veil of our ‘reality’ is being pulled back at an alarming rate, giving us all the opportunity to see what’s been hidden from us for so long.

I’ve recently taken to writing more & more with the intention of highlighting the importance of bodily autonomy, sovereignty, integrity, instinct, authenticity, & what it means to be a free, organic human being in a world increasingly hell-bent on stifling all of this.

I have also recently published my first book, ‘A Pandemic of Narcissistic Abuse’ & am currently writing my second, ‘pHARMed’, focused on exposing the corruption & manipulation within the medical industry (see my ‘Books’ page for more info & ‘Shop’ or Amazon to buy). Narcissistic abuse is very close to my heart & also what I believe we’re seeing playing out globally in this hard push against human sovereignty.
Seeing & releasing these destructive, dehumanising, narcissistic patterns are to me a huge & necessary part of this painful but liberating shift through the twilight zone as we break out of the old, crumbling toxic systems & begin to build the new…

When the real healing can begin.