Natural health/ cookery/ nutrition workshops – a little more information…

Due to my belief in retaining healthy human contact, the body’s microbiome & our ability to think for ourselves, all my events will be very much in keeping with this mindset rather than the current ‘norm’.

Here’s what my workshops generally involve…

The aim of all my food is to create healthy versions of common staples, with no compromise on taste. I also focus on fermented foods, drinks & tonics for gut/ general health – still with a focus on great taste (did I mention my Great Taste awards?!)

In the past they’ve been themed (e.g. chocolate/ fermented drinks etc), we’ve each made several items to take home along with any necessary starter cultures & handouts, then sat down for a mini feast together… I would book a venue & advertise the event.

Workshops will now be mostly bespoke; individuals or groups of people can decide what they’d like to make & contact me, where we can then discuss how, where & when to make it work.

Costs will vary according to numbers, ingredients & travel, but a rough approximation would be £60 pp for a half day plus ingredients.

Here are some of the workshops I’ve run previously: .

Fermented drinks

Kombucha, root beers, kefirs


Detox root beer, throat sweets, digestive bitters, shrubs, apple cider vinegar

Fermented vegetables

Sauerkraut, kimchi


Bread, buns, crumpets


Chocolate, truffles, ice cream, cake, chocolate mousse…


I have plenty more up my sleeve (e.g. weight control, going gluten/ dairy-free & how to detoxify safely) & am always open to suggestions too.

Please get in touch if you’d like any more information.




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More events