Sound bath

An hour of restorative sonic bliss, ending with homemade chocolate!…

Read on for more info & see my Sound Therapy page for frequently asked questions.


location Curtis House, St Davids
calendar 16/11/2023 - 16/11/2023
clock 7:00 pm

‘What is a sound bath & why would I want one?’

Everything is made of energy, which has a frequency, & in a world where we’re being constantly bombarded with jarring, chaotic frequencies, sound baths are the perfect antidote.
These chaotic frequencies surrounding us can easily send our energy fields out of sync, taking our minds, bodies & emotions into uncomfortable & often unhealthy states; as can any kind of emotional, physical or mental stress.

In a sound bath, healing sound frequencies are used (in this case via Himalayan singing bowls, the gong & crystal bowls tuned to 432hz) to entrain the body’s frequencies back to a state of natural order.
Brainwaves slow, calm is restored, the nervous system is tuned, & the body responds accordingly…

Bring a yoga mat, pillows & as many blankets & cushions as you need to get really comfortable, (eye pillows are provided), & let the sounds wash over you for 45-50 minutes…
Then we eat healthy & delicious chocolate truffles!

Everyone is welcome (they generally seem to appeal to women, but men & teens are very welcome too).

I have limited spaces so booking is essential.
Cost wise they are donation based. My suggested amount is £15, but if you’re skint, stressed & would like to come, please do.

For more information on how it works, what to expect & how to book, please read my ‘Sound Therapy’ page.

* Nb: Not suitable for pregnant women.

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