A lot, if not most of what we’re told about health is simply not true.
Particularly when it comes to the body’s incredible ability to heal itself.

Often the most amazing feats of seemingly miraculous healing only happen when the conventional routes have failed & people who feel they have nothing to lose, try an alternative approach.

These are the stories that we never hear about on the news.
They are also the stories that the likes of Cancer Research go out of their way to undermine, & to me, this is one of the most infuriating aspects of the propaganda & censorship that’s so rife in today’s world – that many people are not even aware of.

There are millions of these stories that people all over the world have to share;
that given the chance to be heard, respected, valued & learnt from, would undoubtedly change the world in a heartbeat.

I may only be able to share a relatively tiny amount of them, but hearing how people who have been told, ‘there is nothing we can do’, have overcome a diverse range of the most ‘incurable’ illnesses is one of the most empowering & inspiring things, so this page is dedicated to exactly that.

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