Aside from naturopathy, my background involves a degree in psychology, working with survivors of abuse, & having been raised in a narcissistic family.
Consequently narcisissim is something I feel passionately about, & to raise awareness about it feels especially important & relevant now...

Below is a collection of posts, soon to be expanded into a book - 'A Pandemic of Narcissistic Abuse'; a mission to shine a light on the nature of narcissism & how it relates to what's happening in the world.
The bigger picture behind the pandemic as well as the inevitable stream of new fear-based dramas waiting in the wings (I'm writing this in January 2022).

Many people are now seeing the lies, false promises, control & manipulation, but are still complying because they believe that's how it will end.
In reality the complete opposite is true, & they are unknowingly digging their own graves with their obedience.

Cognitive dissonance causes us to doubt what we see, feel & experience; in this case because of what we're told by narcissists, who are masters in controlling others' minds & behaviour for their own gain.

I don't believe it's a coincidence that narcissism is the one form of abuse that is (comparatively) rarely talked about, understood or supported. 
When connections are made between narcissistic abuse & the descent into the dystopian hell we're being led towards, it is clear to see exactly why 'they' would not want the world waking up to these classic tactics of power-grabbing, dangerously manipulative controllers.

People's justifications of governmental reactions to the pandemic fit the narcissistic dynamic like textbook, (& if we don't acknowledge this, the pattern will mindlessly repeat itself when the next life-threatening drama is presented to us)...
Continually echoing media-led excuses for the hugely damaging, illogical & irrational restrictions, as 'just 2 weeks' turned into 2 years, & 'just a mask' turned into a medical aparteid.
Joining in the bullying & scapegoating of those calling out the abusers.
Convincing each other of media led solutions - anything to alleviate the fear; 'just do what they say or we'll all be in trouble', 'this time will be different'.
Buying into fake dramas used as smoke & mirrors to cover the real crimes; 'they only lied about...', etc. etc.
All the while sitting like a frog boiling in a pan of water that started off cold.
Death by a thousand paper cuts... 
Incremental abuse...
The totalitarian tiptoe.

When I was studying narcissism, to say the penny dropped would be an understatement. 
It dropped so many times it was like the fog clearing from my mind after 35 years of not even realising it was there, followed by a few more of doing all I could to deny its existence.
Anything to avoid the painful reality that would change my life completely.

Once you see though, you can't unsee.
You can try, but life will throw things at you relentlessly until you can't live in denial any longer.
I believe the reason for our shockingly strong sense of denial in these situations is because on some level we know that the waking up/ fog clearing process is likely to send us through an intense 'dark night of the soul', where the ground disappears from under our feet & we're forced to re-evaluate our entire perception of reality... Which although terrifying & exhausting at times, is also a hugely liberating, necessary purge & paradigm shift. 
It's breaking free.

Then, like shrugging off a dirty old coat that no longer fits you, you can get on with your proper life.
The one that YOU call the shots in, not anyone else.
And it all gets mind-blowingly better.

Dystopian hell may be where they're leading us, & many are blindly following, but when we refuse to be led (which collectively I have absolutely no doubt we will in time, as the truth comes insupressibly to light), we cut free & create our own version of the future.
But we have to 'do the work' first. 
We have to look at what we've been sweeping under the carpet for countless generations.
We have to see the increasingly sinister level of control we're under, regardless of which contrived or hijacked drama is currently front page news, & admit to how enormously unhealthy it is on so many levels, along with our entire relationship with our utterly corrupt governments (or more accurately, those who control our governments). 
We have to see the kind of world we're in danger of leaving our kids to inherit.

Understanding the nature of narcissism shines a light on so much of what is going on & why, as well as what to do about it.
It helps us to see the traps before we fall into them.
This is why I'm sharing these uncomfortable insights.
People will see through the fog, but will keep turning back towards it unless they truly realise that the only way out is to keep walking.

In this case, it means non-compliance, trusting in yourself, detaching from the system, & standing firm with others who share your understanding & conviction.

This global event isn't going anywhere on its own.
It's happening, whether we like it or not, & it's gathering pace.
It may look at times like they've backed off & will set us free, but this is just an illusion; breadcrumbs & breathing space before they slam us with the next chapter - confusing & distracting us into forgetting the level of control they banked in the last round, as they feed us a whole new set of problems, reactions & solutions to focus on whilst we scramble to defensively justify our increasingly disempowered behaviour.

They will always give us convincing, compelling & incredibly important sounding fear-based reasons to stay hooked into their toxic guidance system.
They will not stop of their own accord.
It will only end when we decide enough is enough.
Because you cannot comply your way out of tyranny. 

There is no acknowledgement, accountability, change, or true apology where narcissism is involved, & expecting or asking for it is futile - it's just feeding your energy to them - which is exactly what they want.
The closure is there is no closure.

When they sense you're onto them they freak out.
They up their game & change tack or narrative.
They try every trick in the book to keep you or lure you back in; they know your achilles heel & will stop at nothing. 
Turn away & they go even crazier.

Let them.
All they're doing is exposing themselves for what they are.
They can't back down, so in the end they fall into their own honey-trap in their endless quest for control.

Freedom doesn't come from conditional human rights involving injections & barcodes.
It comes from sovereignty. 

Say no, leave, don't turn back, don't engage; keep walking.


Narcissism is a very shadowy subject, partly due to its notoriously difficult/ impossible to prove nature, & like other forms of abuse can be hidden in shame, secrecy & misunderstanding. 
I will be eternally grateful to everyone who has spoken out about it & shared their experiences, as without these people I would undoubtedly have been trapped in the web of control, manipulation & self-doubt for a lot longer...
Which is why, especially in relation to our current world events which I have shown myself to be completely unable to keep my mouth shut about, I felt compelled to do the same.
The posts below are examples from my upcoming book. They are designed to contain digestible insights into the nature of narcissism (in general & in relation to the current global situation), & to help curb the ingrained voices of self-doubt that can often continue to creep in long after you've become aware of & even detached from the relationship dynamic & their self-serving agenda. 

This page is dedicated to getting out & holding your own.
I hope it reaches whoever it's meant to reach & I hope it helps. xx