My first book, ‘A Pandemic of Narcissistic Abuse’ was published in April 2023 & is available to buy here on my ‘Shop’ page or on Amazon.

To explain a little more about the book & the story behind it, below are the synopsis, author biography & introduction.

“Surely not – why on earth would they do that?”…

This is a book of small, digestible insights into the nature of narcissistic abuse, aka mind control.

How they do it, why they do it, how we don’t see it, why we go to extreme lengths to deny it and how to deal with it.

Each of the quotes in this book are relatable to any kind of personal abusive relationship with a narcissist, as well as our collective dynamic with the ‘powers that be’.
I wanted to draw these parallels because what’s happening in the world today can seem insanely confusing, contradictory and divisive.
However, when we pan out and view it through the lens of a narcissistically abusive relationship (for that’s exactly what it is), it’s easier to see the wood for the trees. To no longer get swept up in the endless stream of false narratives, promises, chaos, crises and woe, all carefully designed to spiral us into ever increasing levels of fear, insecurity, despondency, disempowerment, apathy and dependency… on them.
To be the wounded animals, abused and ‘rescued’ over and over again by the same people and their minions, trapped in a web of drama, dysfunction and control; the ultimate distraction from their greatest threat – us realising our true potential.

Whether we’re experiencing these toxic relationships personally or globally, the themes, patterns, common feelings, realisations and process of dealing with it are the same.

Ultimately this begins with harsh realisations.
A series of inconvenient and uncomfortable pennies dropping.
Followed by an often arduous yet intensely liberating journey back to a place where we learn to trust our own instincts above all else and to stand by them with autonomy, integrity and conviction, no matter what.

A place of sovereignty.

Author Biography:
‘What on earth qualifies me to write a book like this?’

Well. I have a degree in psychology and spent the first half of my working life helping victims of various types of abuse, but my real qualification is that I grew up in a narcissistic family.

And I didn’t cotton on until I was 38.

So I’ve been there.
Simple as that.
I’ve lived through the blame, shame, scapegoating, smear campaigns, subtle control tactics, divide and conquer, love bombing, breadcrumb-throwing, gaslighting, triangulation, manipulation, ridicule…
The self-doubt, lack of self-esteem, losing my way….
The pain, denial, excuses, hurt, cognitive dissonance, emotional blackmail…
As classic as it comes.

And I came out the other side.

I spent years painstakingly removing the tendrils of control that seemed like they’d be permanently imbedded in my psyche forevermore.

Then covid hit and I became an ‘untrustworthy, misguided, lying, ignorant, heartless, wreckless spreader of disinformation’, according to some.
And although sticks always hurt when they wallop you on the head, I didn’t waver.
Not one bit.
Because I’d been there.
I could see through it as clear as day.

And now my hope is that this book will reach those it’s meant to reach.
Whether personally or globally, those who can feel that something’s off.
Those who can feel something rising in them.
Those who need a reminder now and again that they are not mad. We’re just in an insane world and that insanity has been normalised.
Those who need their truth validated in moments when the doubts set in.
Those who need an ally when no one around them gets it.

I feel it’s not only important that we see what’s happened to us and remove our psyches from the trapping systems we’ve been subject to for so long, but to then ‘do the work’ of processing & integrating.
I’m a naturopath, so I see it like clearing the body of toxins and trauma, rather than just sticking a plaster on and pretending everything’s ok – bypassing.

To properly heal and move on.

So I’d like to thank my dysfunctional family.
Because without you I may have turned out normal.

Narcissism and its associated abuse; control, manipulation, greed, exploitation of power, an audacious sense of entitlement to name a few traits, has been the bedrock of our societies for thousands of years.

Different people will relate to it from different experiences of various aspects of life, but whether these manipulative, conscience-void, power-grabbers are family members, friends, romantic partners, work colleagues, or psychopathic government overlords, the pattern is the same.
And it’s rife.
It’s been drip fed from the top down, through generations, families, schools, media etc.; rewarded and encouraged at every turn.
It’s been normalised and accepted.
And we’ve allowed it.
Now we’re seeing the catastrophic effects of how this can be become so out of control that it manifests as tyrannical chaos on a global scale.
And yet still be so vehemently denied.
Their insidious head fuckery can bend our brains into doing all kinds of crazy stuff, get us to passionately defend it despite it ruining us, then adamantly deny the damage when it’s staring us right in the face… before obliviously begging for more.

The nature of narcissistic abuse means that whilst you might know something’s very ‘off’, your mind has been so programmed that you can no longer believe your own eyes, ears or mind.

As things appear to be getting worse, the temptation is to dig an ever deepening hole to bury our heads in, but the time is fast approaching when the bubble of illusion will burst completely, and any remaining denial, spiritual bypassing or cognitive dissonance will be forced to the forefront to be acknowledged and dealt with.

This book is for that time.
When you see it, but still doubt your own eyes, ears, mind and intuition.
When you need short, sharp validations.
Validations that yes – they would do that.
They did do that.
And they will continue for as long as we allow it.

As the world is now going through an inevitable, unstoppable transition, where light is being shone on all corners of darkness to expose what’s been hidden, covered up and lied about for so long, the evidence of this silent and invisible abuse is coming to light.
It seems that this generation is where it stops.
Where we make a stand and say no more.

In order to do this, first we need to see it, then we need to acknowledge it, admit it, refuse to be talked out of it, validate it, then finally break free.
This involves learning to listen to and trust our own instincts rather than outsourcing to others, valuing ourselves as independent thinkers, calling it out, saying no and extracting ourselves from the relationships and/or systems.
It can be a shocking, traumatic, uncomfortable, lengthy, inconvenient and disturbing process, but is ultimately liberating.
We can put it off, deny it and make excuses for it all we like, but it’s not going anywhere of its own accord.

That’s where I hope this book will be of value.
Narcissism is by its very nature impossible to prove. Therefore it helps to be aware of the classic traits. To see the big picture behind the behaviour. To know that there is no point fighting with a narcissist.
It will help you to recognise, see clearly, eradicate doubts, hold conviction and ultimately make choices to help you live freely, outside the clutches of these toxic controllers.
An invisible and insidious abuse; narcissism is hugely misunderstood, rarely talked about and often belittled, though it is very real and what I believe to be at the very crux of what we’re seeing play out in the world today.

Much to the disbelief and torture of the narcissists themselves, we’re about to witness what happens when it all turns on its head.
When their reign comes to an end & decency gets its turn.
Like the fall of Atlantis in reverse.
Wherever we are on the journey, we are ALL waking up to and/or recovering from narcisstic abuse.
This book is about acknowledging where we’ve been, working through where we are, and then looking to the future.
A future where we and our minds are truly free.

Next up!
Only a matter of weeks after finishing this book, I was surprised to find myself already formulating the beginnings of another!
This one, ‘pHARMed’, will be along the same lines, although focused on exposing the corruption & misinformation within the health industry, laced with helpful & empowering snippets of information from the world of natural health.
More to come on this as it comes available.