Personalised detox plans…

My background…

I trained with Barbara Wren at the College of Natural Nutrition & qualified in 2015 after having transformed my own health many years before by incorporating this philosophy into my life.

When it comes to getting better, we’ve been deeply conditioned to be incredibly sceptical of the idea that the body is capable of healing & rebuilding itself.

We’ve also been completely taken for a ride in being led to believe that it’s the job of the government, media & big pharma to keep us healthy.

In reality no matter what labelled disease anyone has, under the right conditions, the body has the potential to heal itself.

Today’s world is absolutely full of toxicity, which is inextricably linked to disease; particularly chronic illnesses, which are becoming increasingly rife & normalised.

Our bodies are amazing at detoxing themselves, but these days we’re simply overloaded & if we want to be healthy, our bodies need help.

Detoxing has been a buzzword for some time, but there is an art to it that’s rarely talked about.

There are two aspects to detoxing; firstly toxins are released from the cells, then secondly they need to exit the body.

The art is in the flow – like pouring water through a funnel – pour too fast & the water backs up & overflows.

In detox terms, this would mean getting rid of one problem & causing another, which is possibly why many people give up before they’ve really got going.

What I offer…

Personalised detox plans.

The aim of my consultations is to help people master the art of detoxification with the aim of bringing the body back to a state of cellular hydration from which it can use its innate intelligence to function in optimum health.

The focus is on minimising any kind of stress on the body, maximising nutritional input & using naturopathic techniques to help the body release what is not serving it.

This is not a ‘normal’ naturopathic or nutritional consultation, it’s specifically focused on personalised detox.

This is because that’s the lens through which I see health.

It’s also an absolute passion of mine which I live & breathe (albeit in a down to earth way; even when temporarily side-lined, chocolate will never be disrespected), & could happily talk about all day. 

Having practiced all my suggested methods for over 16 years, I have a deep understanding of the process & have come to recognise in my own body how to feel the build up of toxins, which organs need support & how best to support them whilst minimising the stress on the whole body system.

This is the art of toxin removal & is what I love to share with others. 

I do not view my role as being here to ‘fix’ other people’s ailments or to be any kind of alternative doctor. My job is to show people how to listen to, work with, respect & clear their body, to take responsibility for their own health & to comfortably make empowered choices; all of which lead to a life-long reclaiming of control of their health.

This does not have to mean ‘doing it all yourself’ however. I regularly visit other holistic practitioners for additional input when I feel it would be of benefit & am happy to recommend those I personally trust.

I also believe that although hugely overused, misused, overly relied upon & weaponised at times, western medicine absolutely has its place & I am very grateful for this.

Far from being a chore, detoxing can become a wonderfully nurturing, empowering & pleasurable practise; think prescriptions of healing clay baths, calming sweet drinks & time for yourself… And when it comes to food, my passion is finding healthy alternatives without compromising on taste.

‘Clear the body to hold the light’…

There is another aspect to detoxification  which is a huge interest of mine & excitingly timely; the link between detoxing & the rapid upgrade/ shift in consciousness which humanity is currently experiencing.

This is something that will be of interest to some & not others, which doesn’t matter at all. It can be seen as a positive side effect of de-cluttering the body, but does not have to be consciously explored to reap the benefits.

If this subject appeals to you, please read my blog post, ‘Clearing the body to hold the light’. Below is a paraphrased snippet:

‘We now have masses of photonic light available to us, & this light holds universal information/wisdom. 

Information is held in our bodies by water, so we must be hydrated to receive & hear these messages.

Although drinking water is obviously important, there’s more to it; our cells need to be functioning as intended, as it’s the condition of the cell that enables the water to be held in the body (this is what I’m referring to when I talk about cellular hydration).

When we can hold water properly, not only does our health & mood improve, but our cells create electron clouds which then attract & hold the photonic light & we are able to access the universal information held within it. 

We come to know who we are, we lose the fear, & because of the current increase in this photonic light, we are now increasingly able to access abilities such as telepathy & spiritual knowledge & contact.

I believe our evolution of consciousness also has a lot to do with de-programming ourselves to be able to fully trust our instincts (see my book, ‘A Pandemic of Narcissistic Abuse’ for more on this) – but even this happens naturally when we de-clutter the body.’

What to expect from a consultation…

From taking a case history, I look at patterns that have developed, predispositions that have been inherited, lifestyle factors, & toxic load.

From looking at fundamentals such as pH, blood sugar & hydration, determining which organs need support & where to focus attention, I can tailor-make a protocol which will minimise the stress/ challenge on the body in order to free up the energy it needs to do what it is quite capable of doing; rebuilding & repairing – with additional support from supplements where needed.

Typically this will involve:

– Naturopathic techniques – despite being gentle on the body, these can be incredibly powerful. These range from epsom salts baths, to castor oil packing, to enemas & even urine therapy. (Don’t worry – we’ll work at your pace with whatever you feel comfortable with!)

– Diet – we’ll look at what to take out of the diet & what to put in. (Again, don’t worry – I’m a firm believer that good health does absolutely not mean having to compromise on taste, & I practise what I preach; I went to the trouble of getting a Great Taste Award for my healthy chocolate to prove the point! See my recipes page for loads of food ideas.)

– Supplements – if it seems that the body could do with some additional support in its journey back to health, I’ll suggest some supplements.

I believe it’s good to go easy to start with. Often making a few simple changes can kick-start some positive shifts in the body, & from there motivation & encouragement naturally grow. 

How my consultations work…

1) Send me an email with a brief description of what’s going on for you & we can book a slot (appointments are very limited currently).

Initial appointments are approximately one hour & are usually conducted via zoom.

2) After we’ve arranged an appointment, please pay for the session.

Initial appointments are £65, and shorter follow-up sessions are £25.

3) During the consultation I’ll ask various questions about your past & current health, lifestyle, diet & what kind of changes you’re comfortable starting with. This will give me a clear picture of where to focus our attention & changes.

4) Following our meeting I will then come up with suggested dietary changes, naturopathic techniques & supplements if appropriate, & email this to you with all necessary information.

5) I suggest a follow-up session after 3-4 weeks to check in with how you’re doing, add in some more suggestions if relevant & tweak any adjustments necessary.

(Please see my ‘Disclaimer‘ page for legal information.)