My background
I trained with Barbara Wren at the College of Natural Nutrition & I qualified in 2015 after having transformed my own health many years before by incorporating this philosophy into my life.

How I work
I’m not a nutritionist in the sense that I’ll tell you to eat a load of something to get rid of something.
Naturopathic nutrition looks at the big picture; the pH, the blood sugar, hydration & other fundamentals, & considers the challenge that our diet & lifestyle are likely presenting them with. By challenge I mean taking unnecessary energy &/or adding to our toxic load.
Bodies need a lot of available energy to keep up with the ongoing task of homeostasis & regeneration, & the disease process is inextricably linked to toxicity, so lightening the workload is hugely important.

Bodies are truly amazing though, & given the right conditions, have shown time & time again that they can not only maintain themselves, but heal.
Often against all apparent odds.

In today’s world however, with the relentless onslaught of chemicals, emf’s, stress & various other toxic poisons coming at us from all directions, optimum health is a hell of a lot harder to obtain than it was even 5 or 10 years ago – but all the more reason to give our bodies as much support as we can.
I know there will be enormous breakthroughs once we get through this bottleneck transition, but the truth is that for the moment we really are up against it when it comes to health, & any positive changes we can make are truly worth it.

So we look at what can be taken out, what can be put in, & also which naturopathic techniques can be utilised to help keep the body’s routes of elimination open for maximum toxin removal.
These techniques can be anything from a nice straightforward epsom salts bath or a gentle skin brush, to an 8 litre colonic flush or urine soaked kidney wrap.
Something for everyone.

I’d also like to add that for a long while I refused to do consultations, & one of the reasons for this is that I love food, but a nutritionist label tends to have an unfortunate effect on people & their relationship with their eating habits.
I’ve seen a surprising number of people literally run away from me in the supermarket, & one man actually shoved his ice cream in a hedge (I think this was a mistake & he just meant to move it out of sight but still)… I find this reaction uncomfortable, because although I strongly dislike the existence of toxic food, I do fully appreciate the alluring appeal of things that taste pleasing.
(And with my history I am also in absolutely no position to judge.)

So for this reason, instead of doing consultations, I focused on food – there was a gap that needed bridging between the consultation room & the kitchen – a way to have your cake & eat it so to speak.
So I taught people to make healthy things that were also very tasty, & worked on my recipes page, which is full of things I love to eat, many of which are healthy alternatives of common staples, where my emphasis was again as much on taste as it was on health.
To prove the point even further, I entered the Great Taste awards in 2020 & won stars for both my kombucha & my chocolate.

Basically my point is you can improve your health & still very much enjoy your food.
This is how I live & I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Finally, I do need to add that what I offer is not a quick fix or necessarily the easy route.
You would need to be prepared to take responsibility for your health & have the motivation to make the necessary changes.
Please consider how this sits with you before booking.

How my consultations work.

1) Send me an email with a brief description of what’s going on for you & what you’d like to get out of the session.
If I feel I can help you, we can then book a slot.
Appointments are very limited currently & are offered Monday – Thursday evening only.
Initial appointments are approximately one hour & are usually conducted via zoom.

2) After we’ve arranged an appointment, please pay for the session & I will email you a questionnaire to return to me before the session.
Payment is made on a donation basis.
My suggested amount for the initial consultation is £75 (£30 for shorter follow-ups), but please see my donations page for more information.

3) During the consultation we’ll talk through your health, lifestyle & what you’d like to achieve, to give me a clearer picture of where to focus our attention & changes.

4) I will then come up with suggested dietary changes, naturopathic techniques & supplements if appropriate, & email this to you.

5) I suggest a follow-up session after 3-4 weeks to check in with how you’re doing, add in some more suggestions if relevant & tweak any adjustments necessary.