1:1 Biofield Tuning sessions coming soon…

1:1 sound healing sessions coming very soon…

I have recently completed my training to become a Biofield Tuning practitioner, & having combined my favourite & most widely used tools from my group sound baths, Biofield Tuning & additional training, I have created a unique session involving a ‘sonic meridian flush’ & nervous system reset.
The result is deep, deep relaxation & a sense of restorative order brought about by working on the etheric, electrical & physical aspects of the body.

The session involves lying down (fully clothed); weighted tuning forks are used on points of the body whilst healing frequencies are simultaneously played (in the form of solfeggio & other tuned chimes hung above the midline of the body) to work deeper with the nervous system, tuning it back to its natural state & aligning the chakras.

There are many variations & additional tools that can be incorporated into the session to tailor make it to you & your needs, so before the session we’ll have a brief chat about what you’d like to get out of it.

I am currently finalising plans & locations for these sessions & will send out information in a newsletter as soon I’m ready to go ahead.