Like most people raising questions about the current situation, my social media pages have been shadow-banned, which means my audience has been cut & my posts are being censored & often removed (even my honey-glazed cashew nut recipe got blacked out for apparently being ‘false information’!)…

I’ll be establishing myself on less censorship-prone sites such as Mewe & Minds, but in general, any updates, news etc I’d usually put on Instagram will now be mainly on this page, which I’ll post out in my monthly newsletters.

Please feel free to share any posts, events, recipes, blogs etc from here with other people if you feel drawn to. Word of mouth is making a much appreciated comeback in these times of censorship!

Thank you.

* Update (Jan ’21) – I am no longer on Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp, as I want nothing more to do with this level of censorship & control. Anyone wanting to connect with me on social media, I’m currently on Mewe & Minds, & use Signal or Telegram for messaging.