Starter culture shop on its way!


Recently a friend of mine got bitten by the fermentation bug & her enthusiasm reignited my geeky passion to the point where I stayed up till 2 in the morning, clambering about turning my kitchen shelves into a factory for perfectly formed scobies, extra bubbly sourdough starters, milk kefir grains, water kefir grains, mother of vinegars & fizzying root beer bugs.

To say I was in heaven was an understatement; in the zone, completely grounded in therapeutic kitchen witchery…
Before I’d even mentioned the idea of a shop, in the days that followed I had a sudden influx of people asking me all kinds of fermentation based questions & was invited to a local cafe to do some demos…
It seems my own enthusiasm was contagious without me even speaking a word.

The world of fermentation is often over-complicated by elitist artisans in my opinion, which I find irritating yet satisfying to counteract with down-to-earth instructions, trouble-shooting, easy to maintain starter cultures & delicious, fool-proof recipes – which is exactly what will be on offer in this shop!

I could go on & on about the joys & benefits of fermenting (I’m currently writing a blog doing precisely that), but in a nutshell, what better time to be making more of our own foods & drinks bursting with gut-loving, immune boosting good bacteria, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories – & pleasing our taste buds at the same time?!