Truffles are not just for Christmas


This is for locals only I’m afraid, as I’m not sure they travel so well.

I have decided that truffles are not just for Christmas & due to their popularity I’m continuing to make them. Therefore there will be a permanent supply on the shelf of my kombucha fridge – hooray! They’re organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, sweetened only with maple syrup & infused with superfoods.

The fridge is always fully stocked with various flavours of kombucha, & more often than not there’ll be ginger beer too.

It works on a ‘help yourself anytime & leave money in the honesty box’ basis, but please feel free to message me for more information, to check which flavours I have or to reserve some (this is a good idea if you’d like ginger beer as I can only make a limited amount at a time) .

I’m also happy to make chocolate to order anytime, just give me a shout.