What am I up to?

Lots… As well as writing (one of my very favourite things to do) & keeping Pembrokeshire kombucha happy, I seem to have turned into one of those people who are always ‘doing a course’.
I’m currently working on my case studies so I can finally finish my sound bath course.
I’ve also almost finished a course in tuning forks (this is off the scale exciting… they are truly amazing; I already have a fork for every occasion).
I’ve just started an iridology course to help as a diagnostic tool in nutritional consultations, & finally, I’ve been learning some amazingly powerful energy healing.
More on all of these as I qualify & start to practise, but basically it seems I’m doing a PhD in how to be a hippy.
Just as well though – I have a very strong gut feeling that all these long mocked & stifled incredible modalities are going to be very much needed in the next few years.
Watch this space!

*I am also currently running fermentation workshops for individuals or small groups; please contact me for more information if this is of interest to you.