Kombucha starter kit (organic)


This kit is perfect for those wanting to start making kombucha… although this is not just any kombucha, it’s my 2* Great Taste Award winning ginger & turmeric kombucha!

Included are the 4 elements needed to make it (plus fresh ginger & turmeric to flavour), packaged in a natural linen drawstring bag:
• A scoby
• A little existing kombucha
• Recipe-specific teas
• Sugar (this ferments away & will not be in the final product.)
• Instructions, my most popular recipe, information & troubleshooting advice.

Aside from the contents of the kit, you will need a 2 litre wide-necked glass jar to brew it in, some honey or similar to sweeten to your taste once it’s finished fermenting, & any sized bottles for storage.

Will keep for at least a week out of the fridge & several weeks in the fridge.

(P.s. Makes a great gift!)