Castor oil pack


Made with the intention of cutting out the faff of buying separate items & making your own, these castor oil packs come ready to go & can be used up to 50 times.
Premium grade, cold-extracted castor oil on unbleached cotton fabric, they come packaged in a linen bag with instructions & a small bottle of extra castor oil to top-up the pack if it starts to become dry.

Studied & written about extensively by Edgar Cayce, & known as Palma Christi – the palm of Christ, castor oil is an absolute gift of a healing & detoxification tool.
It works by bringing light, energy & movement to wherever it’s placed.
It’s the only oil to hold the full spectrum of white light, & as this penetrates into the cells, it gets the lymph moving, releasing toxicity & reducing inflammation.
It’s often used on the lungs, colon, over the womb & also for muscle injuries & scar tissue, & can be used anywhere on the body, but the liver must be packed first. This is because the liver is the main route of detoxification, & must be open before focus is placed on other areas.
Personally, I’ve found it helpful to soften scar tissue, shift a heavy chest cold, sooth my kidneys & adrenals in times of stress, & speed up healing from muscle injuries, but I mainly use mine as an ongoing detox tool for my liver 2-3 times a week.

Do not use if pregnant, menstruating or in cases of high blood pressure or risk of haemorrhaging.