Organic digestive bitters


Apple cider vinegar infused with bitter, calming & anti-inflammatory ingredients; a liver enhancing, detoxifying, digestive aid.

Bitters go way back in various forms, & are used across Europe as preparation to digest meals; particularly heavy, fatty ones.
This is due to their ability to get the digestive juices (stomach acid, bile & enzymes) flowing. They also support the liver for detoxification, & help create general digestive balance.

They are designed to be taken as a small diluted shot before eating.

As with fire cider or apple cider vinegar in general, it has the added bonus of helping to balance blood sugar & is therefore a helpful weight loss tool, as well as being naturally alkalising (a healthy body is slightly alkaline, but foods, toxins, lifestyle habits & stresses of today’s world mean that most of us struggle to keep that balance).

The list of possibilities is endless when making bitters, but I’ve chosen a combination of plants known for their soothing qualities, such as fennel & caraway, plus plenty of orange peel which despite its bitterness, brings a welcome flavour lift. I’ve also added ginger & turmeric for their anti-inflammatory properties, & a little raw honey to balance it all out.

It will keep for at least 3 months at room temperature & 12 months in the fridge.

Apple cider vinegar, fennel, orange peel, ginger, turmeric, dandelion root, star anise, black peppercorns, caraway seeds, raw honey.