Award winning chocolate!

Oh yes!
This is not just any chocolate.
This is the Great Taste Award winning ‘Absolute Ultimate Bo!!@cks of all Chocolate’.
(I had to give it a name to enter it & I panicked.)

70g cocoa/ cacao
90g cacao butter
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon lecithin
Small splash of vanilla
Maple syrup to taste
Salt to taste

• Melt the cacao butter & coconut oil over a gentle heat

• Whisk in the cocoa powder & lecithin, then add the vanilla

• Add a pinch of salt & a few tablespoons of maple syrup. Taste & continue to add until it’s at the right level of sweetness for you – then add a bit extra. This is because the chocolate will lose a bit of sweetness & saltiness as it cools.

• Set in the fridge, then wrap and store in the fridge. This doesn’t go off as such but after a week or 2 the texture won’t be as smooth, so if you needed an excuse to wolf it down, here it is.





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