Chestnut pancakes

Credit for these goes to the Hemsley sisters who I’m pretty sure I stole or adapted this recipe from.

There’s not too much to say about them really but they make a great gluten-free, grain-free breakfast, especially drizzled with chocolate honey (cocoa powder & melted honey) / maple syrup.


300g water
100g chestnut flour
3 eggs
Small 1/4 teaspoon sea/ Himalayan salt

• Mix it all together
• Fry in a pan (makes about 5)

It really is that easy.

I use a cast iron frying pan as it seems to work best with these, but others will do.

When frying (or heating any oil), always use saturated fats such as butter, ghee or coconut oil, as unsaturated fats are not heat stable; they change their structure & become toxic. (Someone please tell Jamie Oliver ffs.)

They take about 2 minutes on the first side & 1 on the other.
We have ours with warmed up honey mixed with a bit of cocoa/ cacao powder & they barely touch the plate.

(Chestnut flour varies a lot in its consistency, & the courser kinds tend to work a lot less well in baking as they don’t absorb liquids as much. My favourite brand is Amisa.)

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