I have this for breakfast every day at the moment.
It’s such a lovely way to start the day, & because it’s cooking overnight in a slow cooker, it’s ready to go whenever you’re hungry (& you can use the ‘keep warm’ function if people are having breakfast at different times).
Originally an Asian meal, congee is basically rice cooked in a lot of water. (I realise this is yet to sound like an appealing breakfast but hear me out.)…
Short grain brown rice is known as the ‘food of the colon’. It’s so easy on the digestion, & holds water brilliantly, helping to keep us hydrated – which is the cornerstone of good health. So when you add even more water to rice, you get even more benefit.
It’s no secret that I do like to start the day with cake, but this is hitting the spot equally at the moment – it’s warming & fills me up without any heaviness.
I like it with salt, spices & a dollop of goats yoghurt, but it can also be eaten sweet, with a few drops of vanilla extract & a swirl of date syrup or similar.

Short-grain brown rice
Sea/ Himalayan salt to taste
Ras al hanut (optional)

• In a slow cooker, put 1/2 a cup of short grain brown rice & 3 cups of filtered water (adjust as necessary; this serves 2-3).
• Add one teaspoon of Ras Al Hanut, a Moroccan spice blend (or you could add anything you like).
• Turn it on before bed (on the low setting).
• Eat in the morning!

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