Digestive bitters

These are incredible. Made from an apple cider vinegar base (which on its own is transformative with its digestive, alkalising, & blood sugar balancing properties); herbs, spices, rinds & peels are added, giving it an extra liver-boosting kick.

Our livers do an enormous amount of work especially in today’s toxic world because their job is to process toxins. A clogged up, tired & complaining liver can result in fogginess, headaches, anger, fatigue & pmt to name a few.

Helping it to clear feels like unblocking a sink – everything starts flowing as it should. Bitter foods have this effect on the liver, so digestive bitters are one of many ways to give it a helping hand.

There are endless combinations of ingredients; most are added for bitterness &/or calming digestive qualities, & others are there just for flavour. This is my favourite combination…

(There are no measurements because it depends on the size of your jar; fill it with any ratio of the ingredients below to almost fill the jar).

Apple cider vinegar
Orange peel
Fresh turmeric
Fresh ginger
Dandelion root
Star anise
Caraway seeds
Fresh fennel

• Fill the jar almost to the top with the above ingredients

• Pour over apple cider vinegar to cover them completely

•Close the lid, shake well & store somewhere cool & dark for approx 3 weeks, shaking every now & again

• Strain & pour into a bottle.

•Store at room temperature, take up to a total of 2 tablespoons a day, diluted in water, before meals

•Store at room temperature; it will last for at least 3 months

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