Energy balls/squares

These are known as yummy squares in our house.
This is a very loose recipe & more of a formula really – you need bulkers, binders, sweeteners & flavours, & this is just one of millions of versions.
Hemp seeds are great in here because they don’t taste of much, & compared to most nuts & seeds they are very low in mineral-snatching phytic acid.
I keep oats to a minimum because when raw they can be difficult to digest, & I whizz up the goji berries into a powder just because they’re so nutritious but my kids don’t like them.
I favour almond butter but any nut butter could be used, as could different sweeteners such as date syrup.
They’re great to make with kids who like playing with concoctions because you can’t go far wrong, then you can stash them in the freezer to whip out in those ‘I’m huuuuuuuunnnnngg-rrryyyyy’ moments.
That said, I eat most of these in our house to keep my own hangryness at bay.

Dessicated coconut
Shelled hemp seeds
Chia seeds
Goji berries
Cacao powder
Almond butter
Himalayan pink salt

There’s no need to give measurements for this recipe as it’s very forgiving.

The coconut, hemp & oats form the bulk of it, add as many goji berries as you like (I whizz them up into a powder), the almond butter & honey form the consistency (should resemble stodgy/ sticky uncooked flapjacks) & the sweetness (totally to your taste), the chia seeds give a lovely bit of crunch, then the cacao & salt are just to enhance the flavour.

• Chuck it all in a bowl & add, taste & tweak until delicious. It’s quite a job to stir with a spoon so best roll up your sleeves & get stuck in!

• Either roll into balls or to save time, squidge into an appropriately sized tray & freeze.

• Cut into squares/ bars & store in the freezer. (I can’t say how long they last as mine disappear in about 2 days, but I would happily keep them for several weeks.)



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