Fermented buckwheat wraps

These are another staple in our house.
They make a great alternative to sandwiches & are easy on the digestive system as buckwheat is a pseudo-grain which confusingly is actually a seed.
The tapioca flour isn’t essential but it gives the wraps some elasticity & lightness.
As with most things, I like to ferment these before cooking them. This is optional of course, but to do this, add everything except the eggs, mix together & stick a tea towel over it for at least 6-8 hours. It makes them a bit fluffier & gives them a delicious slight tang – plus they’re even easier to digest. (Obviously if you’re not fermenting them you can leave out the sourdough starter & just make like you would any other pancakes/ wraps.)

Buckwheat flour
Tapioca flour
Sea/ Himalayan salt
Sourdough starter (optional)

This is I’m afraid one of my ‘no measurements’ recipes.
Only because there’s really no need; it’s very forgiving, plus it really depends how many you want to make.
Very approximately, I’d say to use 1/5 tapioca to buckwheat flour, whisk in some water until you get a pouring batter consistency, & use 1 egg to approximately 1/2 litre.
Add salt to taste & fry on both sides.

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