Fire cider

I’m a huge fan of apple cider vinegar, & always have some digestive bitters in my kitchen (these are great for detoxing – I’ll post the recipe in the new year), so when a friend came over recently & pulled something out of her handbag that looked like acv & smelled like kimchi, I was first intrigued, then totally converted.

Apple cider vinegar is incredible. On its own (diluted in a bit of water) it helps to alkalise the body, aids digestion & when taken shortly before a meal, lowers any blood sugar spike after eating… I could go on, it’s just brilliant. Infuse it with other things – in this case fiery, immune boosting, inflammation busting vegetables & spices, & it becomes off the scale amazing – perfect for the winter months when things tend to get a bit more sluggish in the body & an immune boost is always welcome.

(It is a bit garlicky, so just make sure you also give some to anyone you’re planning on getting cosy with!)

This recipe is from the creator of fire cider, Rosemary Gladstar.

1/2 cup grated horseradish
1/2 cup chopped onions
1/4 cup chopped garlic
1/4 cup grated ginger
Optional extras...
Chilli, turmeric, cayenne pepper, rosemary

• Chop/ grate all the ingredients, put in a jar & cover with apple cider vinegar

• Close the lid & leave somewhere out of direct sunlight at room temperature for approx 4 weeks, shake now & again

• Strain & bottle

• It will keep at room temp for at least a few months

• To drink – mix with a little water & take anything from a teaspoon once a day to a tablespoon a few times a day.

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