Goats Milk Paneer

This excites me greatly as it’s proper kitchen alchemy – adding vinegar to boiling milk & ending up with your very own hallumi-esque cheese is the stuff my (anyone else?!) dreams are made of!

2 litres goats milk, preferably raw
50mls apple cider vinegar
Sea salt

I used raw milk as I think it works better than processed because the curds & whey will separate more easily if the milk hasn’t been homogenised.

• Bring 2 litres of milk to 88c, just below a simmer.

• Reduce the heat to low & sprinkle over 50mls of apple cider vinegar.

• Stir for 1 minute, quickly but without making too many waves.

• Take off the heat &leave to separate for 10 minutes.

• Put some muslin in a sieve over a bowl & catch the curds in the muslin.

• Mix in some salt, then squeeze the cheese in the muslin & twist the end, then flatten a bit before putting in a tray with a fairly heavy chopping board on the top.

• Leave for 15 mins then remove from the muslin, pour cold water into the tray & leave for another 15 minutes to firm up.

• It will keep in the fridge for about 4 days but is guaranteed to be eaten before then.

Delicious on its own but fried like halloumi.

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