Honey Sweets

I invented these as cough/ throat sweets, as made with ginger & lemon they work a treat. At the request of my kids though, they morphed into sweets in general, as they taste good made with pretty much anything – & no E numbers in sight!
Recipe… *Needs a sugar thermometer

1 cup honey Juice of 2 lemons
Or a few slices of ginger
Or the juice of a lime
Or 2 Or 1-2 teasp orange extract
Or experiment with whatever you like

• Use a heavy bottomed pan over a med heat (I use 4 out of 6) put all the ingredients in at the start, put the thermometer in the pan& turn on the heat.

• Watch carefully, stirring regularly, until it gets to just below the ‘hard crack’ line. Remove any bits of ginger beforehand.

• Pour the honey into a jug to avoid it burning, then into moulds, & set in the fridge before wrapping in baking paper & storing in a jar in the fridge.

** If the temperature rises even 1 degree over the ‘hard crack’ line they will burn, so be careful!

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