This is a slightly fermented cross between soft goats cheese& cream cheese, made from goats yoghurt.
It’s really easy, it lasts about 10 days in the fridge, you can make it into a really probiotic version by adding kefir grains to it, & if you flavour it with onion& garlic powder it tastes like Boursin.
You also end up with a bit of whey, which can then be used to ferment other things… & if that wasn’t enough, hanging some yoghurt in an old cloth tied to a wooden spoon makes you feel like some kind of wench from the olden days who’s just got back from a romp on the moors.

Goats yoghurt
Salt & pepper
Garlic & onion powders (optional)

All you do is wrap up the yoghurt in some muslin & tie it to a spoon to hang over a bowl for 24 hours. What happens is the curds& whey separate; the curds are the cheese& the whey is the liquid – which drips into the bowl. If you’re using kefir grains, it’s a good idea to put them in a nut milk bag or similar so you can find them again after the yoghurt’s thickened.
When it’s done, it’ll be nice as it is, but a bit of salt & pepper, & onion& garlic powders transform it into absolute deliciousness to spread on just about anything.

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