Turmeric milk

Nothing new but very delicious.(Also great for inflammation.)
I’ve been having quite a bit of this recently because I’ve been trying to break a bad habit – stuffing my face late at night.
I am a complete night owl. I love the night & I’d sleep for 2 hours if I could get away with it. The trouble is, hunger strikes at midnight & I can’t sleep if my belly’s grumbling. The temptation is to delve into a great big bowl of ice cream… do-gooder ice cream, but still. In an ideal world we’d stop eating 4 hours before sleeping to give our poor old livers a rest.
For me that’s just not going to happen, so as a compromise, I’ve successfully weaned myself onto something a little lighter & I have to say it’s doing the job nicely.
Well done me!
You can add whichever spices you like to this really, just make sure you add a twist of black pepper to help with turmeric absorption.

1 cup milk of your choice
1 teasp turmeric powder
1/2 teasp cinnamon
Inside of 2 cardamom pods
Small pinch nutmeg
Twist black pepper
Teasp fresh grated ginger
Maple syrup/ honey to taste

• Stir together& simmer really gently for 10 mins, strain drink.



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