What is sound therapy?
Sound therapy is the application of healing sound frequencies, to entrain the body’s frequencies back to a state of coherence & order.
What this means for us is a calm, balanced state where brainwaves slow, the nervous system is tuned, & the body responds accordingly.
I think of it like a sonic reset.

Why would I want a sound bath?
Everything is made of energy, which has a frequency, & in today’s world we are constantly bombarded with dissonant (jarring, chaotic & potentially harmful) frequencies, which send our own energy fields out of sync, taking our minds, bodies & emotions into uncomfortable & often unhealthy states.
Sound therapy & sound baths differ greatly but their common aim is to rebalance our energy fields (& consequently our whole being), by use of harmonious, healing sound frequencies.

What happens & what does it feel like?
Contrary to popular concern, it has nothing to do with water or naked hippies.
In my sound baths I use Himalayan singing bowls, a gong & a variety of crystal bowls…
Participants lie down on a yoga mat with as many cushions & blankets as you like to feel really comfortable, & eye pillows are provided if you’d like to zone out a bit more.
If you’d prefer to sit up though, &/or keep your eyes open, that’s fine too. Basically all you have to do is sit or lie down for an hour or so & let the sounds wash over you; they’ll do their thing no matter what.

The Himalayan bowls start it all off to help wash away our ‘stuff’ from the day & calm us down, then in comes the gong. This is played for about 20-25 minutes & can get quite loud at times. The effect this has is so massively varied it’s impossible to predict; it breaks up stagnant energy & gets things shifting, so whilst it can lull you into a blissful, deep & ethereal meditative state, it can also stir up sometimes uncomfortable emotions that need to rise to the surface in order to be released. Sometimes it just feels really exciting – it often gives me the feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff & screaming at the top of my voice, or running really fast…
Whatever happens though, it’s always therapeutic.

The next section is the crystal bowls which I play for 20-25 minutes. Tuned to 432hz they are beautiful to listen to & the perfect calm after the storm of the gong.
I use different intervals (frequency combinations) to encourage various emotional states, all of which are calming, balancing, uplifting or reassuring.
These help to integrate anything which might have shifted during the gong section, & to calm & ground.
The crystal bowls also correspond with the chakras, so sometimes I play them to balance the chakra system too.
Finally there is a short grounding section & we always finish with natural, no-shit homemade chocolate!

How do I book onto one?
During the covid shenanigans, I started a private sound bath group here in St Davids.
As it was at the time of the vaccine passports, when many of my friends were losing jobs as well as being cancelled by friends & family, it functioned as a much needed support group for like-minded individuals choosing to say no to the medical tyranny, regardless of the enormous consequences; a safe space to talk freely with others on the same page.

I have chosen to keep this group going, as I strongly predict further situations where we find ourselves standing once again against some kind of draconian nonsense, & needing the support of others with the same perception & stance.

I would like at some point to extend my sound baths to everybody, regardless of whether any of us agree on anything at all… To leave all that at the door & to offer an hour or so of complete relaxation & retuning to anyone who feels they need it.
The time doesn’t appear to be right for this at the moment however, so I’ll keep it in mind & for now, stick to my original ‘group of like-minded souls’ set-up.

My recent training in Biofield Tuning, which uses tuning forks to rebalance the body in a more specific way in person or remotely, will also be available here (more information on this below).

Please contact me if this group is something that would be of value to you. I’ll then add you to my list to send out messages with sound bath dates.

Payment is made on a donations basis. My suggested amount is £15, but please see my donations page for more information.
Basically if you’re skint & would like to come along, please do.
Gift vouchers are also available (see my shop page or contact me directly).

More information on Biofield Tuning
Biofield Tuning is a way of using tuning forks on & off the body to release areas of chaos & stagnation in the body’s electrical field, bringing it back into balance & flow.
The biofield is thought to be made of plasma, or bioplasma, which is what solid, liquid & gas arise from. It’s known as the 4th state of matter, & the biofield has a double layer plasma membrane at the outer edge.

This is similar to the earth, where lightening strikes create energy waves which bounce off the boundary of the earth’s double plasma membrane, creating standing waves of 7.83Hz & their higher harmonics.
This frequency is known as the Schumann resonance, which is the background pulse in the Earth’s atmosphere, & the fundamental frequency that all life organises itself around.
It is also on the cusp of the alpha & theta brainwave states, which are associated with meditative, creative & healing states.
(The weighted forks used in Biofield Tuning are tuned to the Shumann resonance for these reasons; they help the body to reset into a more organised pattern.)

Stored within our field of standing waves, are all our memories, beliefs, experiences etc; everything that’s ever happened to us, & we experience reality through this filter.
The record of all these experiences are held in chronological order, with gestation & birth being at the outer edge & the present day close to the body.
As we go through life, we generate corresponding wave forms associated with the experiences we have. Traumatic or stressful experiences tend to generate chaotic waveforms.
We naturally produce biophotons (energy/ light particles), & when we are under stress, we emit more. It is thought that these biophotons can get tangled up & trapped in the chaotic waveforms in the field, causing dissonant (uncomfortable & incoherent) frequency patterns.

During a Biofield Tuning session, weighted forks are used gently on the body to activate the flow of energy, the earth star & sun star chakras are activated & adjusted, then a pendulum is used to determine which area of the field is of priority to be worked with.

The field is then ‘combed’ with an unweighted fork, which is first used to locate areas of dissonance, & then to resolve the chaotic waveforms that are holding the photons.
It does this by first resonating with the frequency patterns that are currently held in the field, then gradually entraining them into a more coherent pattern. The photons release & the tuning fork acts like a magnet to drag the released energy through the field so it can be restored to the body & put back into circulation & flow.
Areas in the field that hold the record of highly traumatic experiences have a lot of information & energy, which is held in what are known as torsion fields. From a shamanic perspective, the energy would be called a soul fragment, from soul loss due to trauma.

It has been found over many years of Biofield research & experience, that emotional experiences are stored in specific parts of the field (this is why the pendulum is used), so this, combined with the fact that our experiences are stored chronologically, can give us an indication of what may be causing the areas of resistance when combing the field. This may or may not be relevant to the session.

The session finishes with a short sequence designed to integrate the adjustments made, & to ground.

Biofield Tuning is just as effective when conducted remotely, so can be done from the comfort of your own home.