Book recommendation…

Just a short one – now that health is on everyone’s radar, energy & vibration are generally accepted by many, & we’re apparently about to receive an almighty influx of light photons (December solstice), I wanted to wholeheartedly recommend this book, which links all of these things together in what I believe to be a no-nonsense, down to earth accessible way, & really shows the actual meaning of health (a stark but inspiring & empowering contrast to today’s version).

It shows how spiritual growth can come about from working on the physical just as the physical body can heal via spiritual & energetic practises, & how to prepare the body to hold light – which is how we receive universal messages (intuition).

I had the privilege of training with Barbara, who now in her 80’s is honestly THE most vibrant person I know. I base a lot of my work & lifestyle on her teachings (including urine therapy; there I said it omg what’s happened to me I just don’t care anymore) & along the way I’ve encountered the inevitable cynicism, attack & ridicule – but the fact is I haven’t been to the doctor in 12 years… so I guess they might want to put that in their pipe & stick it where the sun don’t shine!

To me, intuition & the ability to stand on our own 2 feet healthwise (& in other ways) as much as possible has never been more important, & I think is about to become even more critical, so I wanted to put this out there as it might just speak to a few people & help with navigating the next installment of shitstorm 2020 without the omnipresent state of fear ‘they’ so clearly want us to be in.