Coercive control – are we ‘being kind’ or being abused?

They say write about what you know about.
So here goes.

I know about coercion; something there’s quite a bit of about at the moment.

A few years ago a member of my immediate family asked me for a kidney.
I thought about it for months.
Needless to say it was the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make in my life, & I eventually said no.

What followed was what can only be described as the biggest shitstorm I’d ever experienced.
Guilt, coercion, bullying, manipulation, denial, blame, pressure, condescension, disownment, emotional blackmail, triangulation & a whole web of dysfunction already present but simmering away under the family carpet finally coming to light.
None of it was caused by this event, it was just what it took to be seen, & subsequently dealt with in typically opposing ways.
(For what it’s worth I do understand where all those things were coming from & I forgive it all, albeit from a distance.)

The old me would now be following this up with a detailed explanation of why I said no.
Scrambling to justify my actions.
Scared of what people might think of me.
I’m not going to do that though, as tempting as it is.

I know with all my heart despite it being one of the most painful times in my life, I made the right decision & I know I will always stand by it.

My reasons are irrelevant.
The point is that it was my decision to make & mine alone.
I was true to myself, & it brought out something in me that I’ll be eternally grateful for; the courage to stand in my own integrity no matter what.

I’m not writing this to ‘tell my story’.
Probably just as well, as I’m already aware how clipped & completely unentertaining my tone is, as I’m struggling with the potential of something so private becoming so public.
My head is telling me to put the pen down & go & do something else.
Go write about cheese ffs.
Anything. Just something that’s in any way more comfortable than this.
Like eating my own head.
My gut won’t shut up though.
It’s been telling me to write this for months, because all around me I see people buckling under the pressure of external coercion.
Some people are genuinely more than happy to get this jab & follow the status quo. Fair enough too – that’s their right; their body their choice.
This isn’t for them.
This is for the people who don’t want the jab & are not having their right to choose what happens to their body respected…
They’re being coerced, bribed, bullied, belittled, pressurised, ostracised, guilt-tripped & all the rest of it, & are in danger of buckling.

Everything about what we’re hearing from the news, social media, TV, the NHS, & the bit that riles me more than anything else – schools – is propaganda & coercive control.
Which is technically abuse, & it doesn’t stop being abuse just because it’s normalised.

It’s not about you.
Do your bit.
We’re all in this together.
Be kind.

What do you mean you don’t want to set yourself on fire to keep others warm?
What are you, a selfish arsehole?
You want to kill people?

What do you mean you want to keep your body as it was? That you put a lot of effort into retaining your health & only take advice from sources you choose to trust?
You’re an expert now, are you?

What do you mean you want to stay healthy so you can be around to look after your children, who need you?
We’ll be the judge of if, when & how that happens, thank you very much.
We know how to keep you healthy.
Trust the science.

What’s all this talk of bodily autonomy?
Who do you think you are?
A sovereign human being?
Oh please.
Selfish, that’s what you are.

Don’t you realise your body is not your own?
It’s just one of many in the collective pool of bodies that other people (mainly professionals trained & paid by corrupt pharmaceutical companies along with those who listen to them & repeat what they say) decide what to do with?

We haven’t been grooming you to feel guilt & shame for years now for nothing, you know.
I mean look at what you’ve done to the planet with your selfishness & greed.
(The dire emergency is on hold until everyone’s had the jab & got through millions of disposable masks of course, but we’ll be sure to tell you what to think, feel & do about it all again soon – with bells on).
Are you really going to say no to this jab as well?
Allow your selfishness to let hundreds of others die?
What will people think?

The World Health Organisation didn’t change the definition of herd immunity for nothing either; everyone can see now that it’s only possible via mass vaccination & everyone playing their part.
It’s pure coincidence that they made this edit in 2020.

Self worth?
We don’t think you really deserve that, all things considered.
Put the self help books down & stop getting ideas above your station.
We know best & we’re in charge.
We have lecturns ffs.
Do as we say.

This is the crap we’re having to bat away on a daily basis, & it gets tiring.
I can understand the fatigue & the desperation for it to all just stop.
Sometimes it feels like being battered by a wave & just getting your breath before another one comes & knocks you off your feet.

That said, they can fuck off.
My body is mine.
Just as everyone else’s body is theirs.
When the hell did it become acceptable to expect anyone else to make alterations to their body for our benefit?
It isn’t.
I get to decide what goes in, on or out of it, not anyone else.
It’s not at the mercy of science, politicians, big pharma or other people’s fears & opinions.
It’s not there to be experimented on for someone else’s warped interpretation of the greater good.
My body is mine, & wanting to own it doesn’t make me selfish.
I won’t teach my children to be bullied away from their own instincts & integrity by idiots in grey suits or ‘scary’ people in authority either; to bend over to please others just because they’re told to.
I’ll teach them to stand strong in their truth & give the finger to anyone who has the audacity to disrespect this right that they have.

I far from have all the answers but I do know that good health does not come in the form of chemicals, needles, masks, plastic screens, danger tape, fear, isolation, PCR tests & bribary.
I also know that pandemics don’t require extensive advertising campaigns & NLP techniques.

Coercive control is not something we have to roll over & put up with.

It makes no difference if it comes from the government, the NHS, a ‘friend’, a nurse, a celebrity, a person worried about their own health, the media, a politician, a school teacher, a member of the royal family, a parent, a shop-keeper, a random stranger or any other person or institution on the planet.

It makes no difference how immune to it some people have become or how strong or resilient they might be.

It makes no difference how ‘normal’, encouraged or rewarded it’s become to be complicit.

NO human being should EVER be coerced, guilt-tripped, bullied, gaslighted, harassed, belittled, targeted, manipulated, cajoled, incentivised, scared, discriminated against, threatened or have their human rights withheld, to pressurise them into having ANY substance injected into their body against their will.
This was the whole purpose of the Nuremberg Code, which they are currently violating due to these jabs being in their experimental stages until 2023; to protect against this type of medical abuse.

You absolutely have the right to challenge, shut down or whatever else you need to do with these conversations & relationships if your choices & boundaries are not respected.


This bullshit coming at us from every angle at the moment is now moving rapidly towards our kids with the warped idea that they are somehow responsible for us ‘poor weak adults’.
They are being manipulated into believing that the health of all adults & the future of life as we knew it, is dependent on them handing over their bodies for this experiment which is already wreaking havoc with our reproductive systems.

To me this is sacrificial & disgusting, & it doesn’t take much to see what could likely happen if we don’t step in & say no on their behalf.

I’m not saying it’s remotely easy, but they’re only getting away with this because we’re letting them.
If there was ever a time to draw the line in the sand, it’s now.


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