Endangered species – the organic human

Ever since I offered my 2 year old daughter a banana in a playgroup & she yelled at the top of her voice for some unfortunate reason,
“IS IT ORGANIC?!” I’ve had an aversion to the word organic.
I groaned inwardly as everyone else’s eyebrows nearly left their foreheads at the sound of such a question coming from a toddler’s mouth.

I know it was a weird thing for her to ask (of course it was bloody organic), but why?
Why is it so weird that a small human is prepared to shun a banana if it’s been grown in a cocktail of carcinogenic chemicals?

Ok so maybe it is slightly unusual to be considering such things aged 2, & I did inwardly chastise her for adding to my inability to fit in with normal people even for an hour & a half once a sodding week, but the thing is it makes no difference if you’re 2 or 42; dare to ask if something’s organic & you get put in the weird box.

When did natural become weird?
When did poison get to be the main event & natural get laughed at?

What’s with the ‘Hark at you with your poncy food – think you’re special, do you?’ sneers?
The ‘It’s ok for people like you who can afford it’ comments.
Do people sneer at people who can afford to buy fags, have wine every night, go on holiday, go to the pub, buy a new car or subscribe to Sky TV or Netflix?

Why, when I’m out shopping do I have to search through the ‘normal’ food covered in pesticides & MSG to find the ‘weird’ version that’s natural?

Why, if I want to be natural & unaltered, to be void of chemicals, genetic modification & radiation, am I also branded weird?
A ‘conspiracy theorist’ for choosing not to trust the company with the biggest criminal history of medical fraud ever, to inject an experimental concoction into my cells for ‘health’ reasons based on a test that thinks a mango can catch a virus?
Meanwhile I could give a bottle of kombucha to some people & they’re literally too scared to drink it… Good bacteria? Does such a thing exist? Best not risk it. It might not be safe.
Mention castor oil packing & a magnesium capsule & their levels of medical caution go off the scale.
If I kept going into the realms of enemas & urine therapy the light goes off.
I’ve lost them.
Damn, when will I learn.

If you mention immune systems these days, the die-hard Covid restriction prefects will look at you like you don’t understand the power of plexiglass.
Immune systems are now just primitive things from the olden days that don’t work without Dr Fauci & formaldehyde.
We’ve moved on.
We find social isolation & an irrational fear of other people scratching their noses to be a lot more efficient.
This is what they’ve done to people.

The truth is, it’s just more socially acceptable to be unhealthy.
Maybe, but only a harsh reality.
What would most people rather hear about – what a shit job the NHS did fitting your stents, or how epic you’re feeling on just 3 hours sleep since you made the switch from coffee to wheatgrass?
One of those people is ‘one of the crowd’; a hero for battling through such a gruelling procedure.
The other is an outcast; an irritant.
A mirror.

We’re being played like most people literally wouldn’t believe.
It’s an inconvenient truth, but no amount of drugs, jabs or insane, futile, war-like rampages to obliterate germs is ever going to result in improved health.
Every year there is more fear surrounding health & germs.
Every year there are more drugs & vaccines.
Every year there are more ‘vulnerable’ people & increased ill health.
We were not designed to live like this.
Not only is it completely unnecessary but it’s causing a mass weakening of the human body.
Acute childhood illnesses are the body’s opportunity to burn off inherited toxicity.
Acute adult illnesses work similarly – burning off accumulated toxins.
Stopping them with drugs & known carcinogens such as aluminium does nothing but add to the toxic load & create deeper, chronic illness.
Yet we wonder why it’s normal & expected for 50% of humans to get cancer now?
(But we don’t seem to wonder why the more research Cancer Research does, the more cancer there is, as we continue to line their pockets.)

What a job they’ve done on us.
They burn the witches, hijack health & replace healing for a merry-go-round of poison-illness-medicine.


Today the vast majority of people are not only sold, but supporting & defending the very industries that pharm them into an early grave on a daily basis, hell bent on taking away our ability to thrive, leaving us to merely exist & survive in some dumbed down state of dependency, compliancy & complicity.
The denial surrounding the power, control, greed & the evil mockery we’re seeing today is understandable.
Why would they want to?
Surely not.
Cognitive dissonance in the extreme.

When the media went mad for climate change I remember thinking they’re priming us for something.
I remember wondering what the self-hatred, the anti-human, guilt, shame & ‘look what you’ve done you awful beings, you cannot be trusted’ programming was all about.
I knew that whatever was coming would require a level of submission to government control like we’ve never seen before.
It’s said that fear is the easiest way to control the masses, but add to that a prelude of emotional battering resulting in low-self worth & we’re putty in their hands.
It’s my belief that this is why there are so many people going against their integrity now to show they care.

‘Holistic’ therapists having the toxic jab.
Nature enthusiasts & planet activists defending 5G radiation.

We know the rules make no sense but we can’t take anymore blame, shame & guilt.
We’ll do anything to make it stop.
Inject a few more jabs.
Inhale a few more chemicals.
We can’t take this level of responsibility for everyone & everything else. It’s too much.
But we’re not allowed to be responsible for ourselves.
That’s selfish.
Eyes down, step into line, soldier on, battle through.
Without even knowing we’re in a real war.
World war 3.
The psychological one.

I know people who would rather starve than eat a genetically modified apple, but have now genetically modified themselves without either realising or being too fussed about it.

All doing the ‘right thing’ because the government said so.
The government that they don’t listen to.

Don Miguel Ruiz states in ‘The Four Agreements’, …’the limit of your self-abuse is exactly the limit that you will tolerate from someone else… Because in your belief system you say, “I deserve it.”‘
And we are very much in an abusive relationship with our governments.
They worked our self-hatred & inverted responsibility up into an absolute frenzy in the run up to 2020 & it worked a treat.
They managed to hijack the compassion of some of the most educated people & twist it into this current display of illogical self-sacrifice.

‘But if you vax yourself you’ll help others’.
Really? Weakening my body with toxic injections of unknown consequences will be helpful?
What absolute bullshit.

How is it helpful for me to increase my or my children’s chances of getting cancer to supposedly prevent someone from getting a generally mild or completely symptomless transient illness?
Whilst the people we’re supposedly protecting remain as unaware victims on the perpetual merry-go-round of doom, intoxicating & weakening themselves on a daily basis with media-led fear, food, drugs, household & energetic/ environmental poisons?

How about the bigger picture?
Staying healthy for our children?
Keeping the human DNA as nature intended for generations to come?
Working to reduce the to-be-inherited toxic load rather than add to it?
It took 5 years for the effects of thalidomide to become apparent.
What if in 20 years it became apparent that this jab/ future booster jabs had gradually made everyone infertile?
Because it’s perfectly possible.
What would be said then?
‘We thought that was a conspiracy theory’?
‘Maybe with hindsight we should’ve done some long-term tests before coercing the next generation of reproducers into being the experiment’?
‘There goes the human race – but at least they didn’t all get that illness with a 99.7% survival rate…’

What if personal responsibility wasn’t such a politically incorrect taboo?
What if it was cool to bring up colloidal silver & chaga mushrooms in conversation rather than a persistent cough & mottled rash?
What if we got a certificate for a colonic irrigation rather than a booster jab for the latest double mutant plus strain of whatever elusive germ we’re currently running away from?

What if people made the connection between what goes into their bodies & the outcome of their health, & acknowledged the real cause of ill health – toxicity?

If immune systems & the natural world including the human body were actually properly respected.

We’re told that the natural world & the natural body are in grave danger.
So where are the natural solutions?
Where is the emphasis on organic?
Where is the talk of immune systems, the power of the mind, the known cures for even the most ‘incurable’ illnesses?
Pushed underground by the people who’ve shown us another way.
An unnatural way.
We see the power of nature in plants that push up through the cracks in concrete, but we think it needs our intervention of unnatural ‘solutions’ to survive?
It’s embarrassing.

We get bent out of shape about animals not living in their natural habitats.
What about ours?

Amongst a long list of other unnatural, unhealthy & un-humanlike behaviours, we now walk around with masks on all day, breathing in chemicals instead of fresh air.
Oxygen is crucial to our body pH, & body pH is crucial to the inner environment of the body which dictates whether we are good or bad ‘hosts’ for pathogens.
If we then host a pathogen & get ill, we take a load of chemicals to ‘make it go away’.
Actually, we do this even if we’re not hosting a pathogen.
We do it just incase.
We have radiation blasting smart watches, apps & everything else possible to do our thinking, seeing, listening & observing for us.
An ever increasing detachment from our own minds & all that is natural.
No wonder humanity lost the plot.

The connection has been lost & we’ve been had.
We’ve been led by the nose to a total distrust of & lack of connection to our bodies & ourselves.

Today it goes further still.
Natural organic beings being groomed into living like transhuman robot hybrids.
Some are going willingly with smiles on their faces.

This is the long-prophesised 2-world split & we get to choose which way we go.
We can become walking WiFi radiating barcodes & watch humanity morph into some hijacked version of itself, or we can get back in touch with who we really are, take back control of our lives & health, & thrive as natural beings.

I’d argue that if there was a faction of the human race that was actually vulnerable right now it would be the organic version.
The unaltered version striving to remain clean, strong & unaltered in a tidal wave of mass psychosis telling them they’re a danger to the fear & pharma beaten so-called ‘vulnerable ones’ & therefore must become pharma weakened themselves.

But even vulnerable has been hijacked… Vulnerable doesn’t have to mean powerless at the hands of a crumbling healthcare system, desperately dependent on healthy people including children to weaken their bodies to ‘save’ us.
Vulnerable can be the most liberating, empowering state to be in of all. 
Accepting, loving, standing as & taking responsibility for the raw, natural, imperfect human that we are & were born to be.
The perfect foundation to sovereignty; the most resilient & true strength imaginable.