Health sovereignty, instinct & narcissism

These are my thoughts.
I can’t back them up with peer-reviewed science & that’s the point.
I’m a naturopath & I have a degree in psychology, but more importantly I’ve experienced a rocky road back to my instincts, which I now trust over everything else.
Instincts can’t be seen, tested or proven, but neither can they be fooled or controlled.
They are very strong & they never lie.
I believe this is exactly why we’re taught from an early age to dismiss them & I also believe they’re the key to setting us free.

There are a few words/ phrases that have cropped up a lot since Feb 2020;
Cognitive dissonance,
Divide & conquer
Double standards
Stockholm syndrome
Moving goalposts
… to name a few.

They are also words that will be found in any book on narcissism.
Swap family for humanity, with the governments, media & their controllers as ‘parents’ & us as ‘children’, read any book on naricissistic family dynamics & it’s an understatement to say that you might notice some similarities.

Like any abusive relationship, although a particular event will be the catalyst for waking you up to the fact that you’re in one, the abuse & grooming will have been going on for a long long time. It’s a hard pill to swallow.

Narcissism is a word often thrown at vein celebrities looking a bit too pleased with themselves on Instagram, but in reality it goes a lot lot deeper than vanity.
It’s a huge subject with many theories, but generally narcissists fit into much of the following:
On the whole, they’re out for themselves (which is why they’re sometimes referred to as ‘service to self’)…
They have a huge sense of entitlement & superiority, meaning that other people’s instincts, wants & needs are not only belittled, but branded as selfish.
They do their best to destroy confidence & sense of worth in others, violate boundaries & rarely if ever do they change, because their sense of entitlement prevents them from seeing their behaviour as anything but acceptable.
They lack compassion & empathy, they need power & control, & will stop at nothing to get or maintain it.

For those on the receiving end, things can tick along ok if you tow the line & relinquish your power, but if challenged or threatened, naricissists can errupt into an adult version of a toddler in a full blown, all-out foot stamping tantrum; they’ll just do it a bit more quietly with a fake smile on their face…
They up the manipulation, the guilt-throwing, they’ll pretend to have your back then shaft you, they’ll spread smear campaigns, lie, deny, blame, gaslight & clamp down.
Other people in the ‘family’ are groomed to turn on you if you refuse to play your designated role, & will help the naricissist to bring you back under control. This is why divide & conquer is so important to them.

As a result we can develop…
Cognitive dissonance (where we make excuses & create an illusion that’s more comfortable), extreme self-doubt, denial, brainwashing, co-dependence & Stockholm syndrome (trauma bonds).

The insideous nature of this type of manipulative abuse plays right into the hands of the self-doubt they’ve helped to create, because they make sure their actions can always be explained away. Their demands or expectations are always ‘for the best’, purposely dressed up as virtuous so that those who question them will immediately be branded as selfish & uncaring.

So the story plays out like ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ where we might not even question what’s going on, because…
‘What if I’m wrong?’
‘They know best; they told me so’
‘I don’t want to believe it’
‘It’s just the way it is’
‘It’ll stop soon’
‘People won’t believe me’
‘Why would they do it?’
‘What will I believe instead?’
‘What if there’s a backlash/ punishment?’
‘It feels too big’

Fair enough, but don’t we deserve better?

Right now we’re apparently in the middle of a global health pandemic & how many of the following normal, instinctive, healthy & even vital human behaviours are being either controlled, frowned upon, banned or branded as selfish?

Health sovereignty
Personal responsibility
Being true to yourself
Being different
Thinking for yourself
Personal choice
Looking after your own health your way
Breathing freely

These are not just messages that we adults are receiving loud & clear, but we have an entire generation of children currently trying to learn what it means to be human.
I don’t know about anyone else but the above list reads like my checklist of things I want for my children, not taken away.

If control is so necessary & freedom so selfish, why do we all hate the idea of being sent to prison?
We’d be given food, water & shelter for free, we’d be able to learn & we’d have company & daily exercise – what’s the problem?
The problem is that they remove the most vital parts of what it means to be human; sovereignty, the ability to choose for ourselves what we feel is appropriate for us – because what’s right for one person can be incredibly detrimental for another.

‘It’s just temporary to protect the vulnerable.’
In my opinion this omnipresent statement is nothing more than a lie used to hijack our compassion in order to instill inhumane levels of control on us.
It’s clearly not temporary, & those (such as the WHO, the CDC etc) dripping the ‘facts’ & advice down through governments clearly don’t care about the vulnerable, many of whom are now holding their own protests stating ‘I’d rather die of Covid than loneliness’, anymore than they care about our health (anyone else heard any talk of actually looking after our immune systems?!).
The way I see it we’ve been manipulated into giving up our health sovereignty for the ‘health’ of the nation, when it’s doing anything but building health.

As I said in my previous blog about health & personal responsibility, why is the general health of the nation so vulnerable in the first place?… & why should big pharma & governments be in charge of it when it’s our responsibility?
Who put these creepy characters with dubious credentials in charge to micro-manage us to within an inch of our lives with some kind of twisted game of Simon Says?

We did.
We traded in responsibility & the need to think too much for ourselves in exchange for being looked after & told what to do.
It gave us someone else to blame & to take control when things went wrong.

The problem is, it’s becoming increasingly clear that our ‘parents’ are taking the piss somewhat, & there’s a growing sinister realisation that we may have handed all our money to the wrong guide…

We’re going through a collective ‘dark night of the soul’.

But it’s ok… More than ok.
Narcissistic abuse goes round in cycles which become increasingly frequent & more intense, especially as you begin to call them out & challenge them.
At some point, something snaps & the excruciatingly painful penny drops.
Once you see though, you can’t unsee, you can’t help but act differently & you can no longer be manipulated or controlled.
You’re free.

In a nutshell, when a naricissist has a hold over you, there are 2 options as far as I can see:
1) Tow the line & compromise yourself.
2) Leave & be yourself.

When people say this virus is devisive, this is what I see.

By ‘leave’, I mean stop playing ball.

There is so much we can do.

We can reclaim our minds, bodies, our responsibility, sovereignty, think critically, get in touch with our instincts again, & do some research on who the hell these people actually are that we’ve been mindlessly taking advice from…
If we met them in person, would we trust them?
Would we believe that they know better than we do about what’s right for us & our families?

We can educate ourselves & learn to trust ourselves to the point where we can stand on our own 2 feet as much as possible.

We can consider & respect that what’s right for one person might be incredibly damaging for another, then make our own decisions & allow others to do the same.

We can clear our physical bodies (the pineal gland in particular) to help us become more able to listen to & trust our instincts, & to raise our vibration to attract the frequency of more healthy relationships on all levels as well as more positive experiences in general… a bit like like tuning a radio.

When we’re in touch with our instincts we will naturally do what’s right for us AND consider the bigger picture of others & the planet.

We can do what feels right rather than just what we’re told.

Imagine how different things would be right now if everyone trusted their instincts & their own eyes & ears over the News At 10…

I do think it’s also fair to say that naricissists are often acting unconsciously as a result of their own trauma/ control… these patterns/ lines can go way way back.
I’m not saying the behaviour is ok, just that we are still connected in a spiritual sense as part of the same, & that holding even the possibility of there being a diamond underneath the layers of mud (that wasn’t my first choice of word – I’m being nice here!) can help dissolve some judgement.
If you choose to opt out in a physical sense, it’s very possible to forgive & love from afar… We are multidimensional energetic beings afterall; they’ll receive it on some level.

The thing about narcissism though is that the more you succumb to their demands – through fear, manipulation or ‘just playing their game for an easy life’, the more demands are made.
Like a salesman with a foot in your door & a charming smile, they’ll disarm you, control you & take as much as they can possibly get from you.
If you comply, the abuse gets incrementally, insideously worse; you might not even realise it’s happening, but if you stand up to them the abuse gets worse in a more obvious, overtly controlling way.
A classic catch 22.
They are not going to stop.
Only you can stop it.
This is why so many relationships with naricissists end with no contact, because there’s no way to ‘play the game’ other than to stop playing & walk away.

(After this, when the shock & practicalities have settled, the long & hugely important process of healing begins… more about that another time.)

Although science & medicine undoubtedly have their place, we weren’t born with peer-reviewed science, the World ‘Health’ Organisation or dodgy politicians to help us navigate life & all its challenges.
We were born equipped with instincts for very good reason & I believe it’s time we reclaimed our connection with them & gave them the respect they deserve.