If I ‘do the right thing’, everything will be alright… Won’t it?

‘Don’t get involved in the divide & conquer; it’s what they want…. Don’t get involved in the divide & conquer; it’s what they want…’

Nngghhhaaaagggghhh I’m trying.
I’m really trying.

But they’re right. All these people pointing out that those ‘standing with Ukraine’ couldn’t stand out of bloody line in a supermarket last week.
Where were they when their kids weren’t allowed to breathe freely?
Where were they when we were losing our collective right to say no to medical rape?

Having written, ‘Will you stand with me’, last year, calling out the infuriating hypocrisy of the intelligentsia & others, who stood by & watched their so-called friends lose jobs, get bullied, ridiculed & generally treated as second rate citizens for what could only be described as psychotic reasons, whilst ‘standing with’ every Tom, Dick & Harry the media was onside with, I can’t pretend my eyes haven’t rolled at the predictable surge of virtue signalling since the latest media frenzy began.

It does annoy me, but really it’s not other people I feel annoyed at (much).
As much as the temptation is always there to contribute to the divide, I believe the finger needs to remain firmly pointed at the parasitic entities controlling the mainstream media – & therefore the minds & behaviours of most people.

It’s the heart-sinking, groundhog day, ‘here we go again-ness’, of watching humanity take another oblivious step into the beckoning palm of the evil ones, swapping saucepan banging for flag waving, yet still being blindly led towards a dystopia believed only to exist in the imaginations of conspiracy theorists.

If I ‘do the right thing’, everything will be alright.

No. No the fuck it won’t.
Because your definition of ‘the right thing’ is being fed to you by a pantomime on TV.

The media has no interest whatsoever in ‘the right thing’.
It knows what the right thing is alright, & their job is to keep you as far away from it as possible, by causing, perpetuating & rewarding unconsciousness.

Because they want control.
It’s all about control.
And you can’t control conscious, sovereign people.

So first they batter us down.
They need us to believe we do not matter.
And why should we matter?
We’re single-handedly killing the planet.
We can’t afford our bills because we haven’t got a high status job, & God knows how many people we killed when we didn’t have Covid but had the audacity to leave the house anyway.

We have been unconsciously programmed our entire lives to feel less than.
Never enough.
Always to blame.
Constantly fed a barrage of all the awful things humans do to each other.

I remember asking my parents at a really young age why they only put bad news on the news.
I have no idea what they said, but I believe part of the answer (alongside the obvious control through fear), is that once they have us unconsciously living in perpetual human shame (with endless sub-categories like white, straight, male, able-bodied etc.), they can easily lead us unconsciously into any ‘act of service’ they choose, in attempt to redeem ourselves & alleviate the feelings of guilt, inadequacy & lack of purpose.
Whilst these ‘acts of service’ are actually carrots dangling off the edge of a cliff.

Clever narcissists, huh?
As with any good narcissist, they engineer the problem themselves (media-led crisis), encourage the reaction (panic, loss of control, guilt, empathy, woe, shame, division), then present the solution (encourage support for the side/ answer which makes people feel virtuous but actually fuels their agenda & negatively affects everyone apart from them).

Also as with any good narcissist, they have us unconsciously looking to them for all of it without even realising.
‘Next order please, oh masters.’
They want brainwashed, ignorant dependency.
They want unconscious, programmed behaviour.
They want us spreading their story, mindlessly reciting media catchphrases.
They want us utterly lost from our own internal guidance system, & blindly following the media-led herd.

Where this herd is headed has been very clearly spelt out countless times in various texts & speeches, yet continually dismissed as conspiracy theory. It can however, be easily found by following the money & power trail & joining a few dots.

They do not want us waking up.
They do not want us to thrive with freedom & autonomy.
We do not matter to them; only to serve them & their toxic systems.

They tell our pliable minds that these toxic systems are important. They are there for us. They are good for us & without them we’d probably all be dead.
And we believe them.

“I’m doing my bit.”
“No. You’re allowing yourself to be shafted.”

Look at the lines of justification we trot out to ourselves or others if questioned.
We’ve all heard them countless times.
Utterly disempowered & controlled.
Fed to us subconsciously & regurgitated unconsciously.
And the most disturbing thing of all is that as Covid showed to a mind-bendingly alarming degree, the need for these ‘beliefs’ to actually make sense isn’t even important anymore.

“The vaccines are experimental & full of toxins. They’ll make you ill.”
“I’m protecting the NHS.”

“They’re manipulating you into demonising whoever they tell you is the enemy. They want to divide us because that makes us easier to control.”
“But anti-vaxxers & Russians are dangerous. People need protecting from them.”
“What about Ukrainian anti-vaxxers?”

“They’re stealing from you to perpetuate your own slavery with their toxic systems.”
“We have to pay our taxes. The systems would collapse if we didn’t.”

“They’re making you ill with all the crap they put in food, cosmetics & drugs, as well as the emf’s in all the smart stuff they’re pushing on us. They then profit from the medicines they give you, which make you even more weak & vulnerable, then they target you with every vaccine going – & on it goes. You’re being pharmed. We’re natural beings, we’re not designed to live like this.”
“Nature hasn’t been scientifically proven.”

“Most of what they teach in schools is a lie & they’re pushing all these toxic agendas onto children, indoctrinating them & molding them into fearful conformists whilst they’re young, so they won’t question the agendas or authority when they grow up. They want us all as obedient slaves so we don’t threaten society’s status quo.”
“But if they don’t go to school they won’t fit into society.”

“They manipulated you into believing you needed the vaccines & that they were good for you. They censored the risks & used unethical coercion based on biased information & lies; Pfizer has the biggest history of medical fraud & false advertising in history.”
“I made an informed decision.”

“They’re using the virus to control you & take away your freedoms.”
“I got my 3 jabs, I santise, test regularly & wear a mask if I want to go anywhere; I’m free.”

“The media is biased & manipulative.”
“Right-wing fascist.”

“They’re brainwashing you.”
“Conspiracy theorist.”

“They’re lying to you.”
“I know.”

“They’re manipulating the weather. Climate change & the green agenda will be used to instill massive control over us, whilst their smart solutions will further weaken our health & lead us further & further away from our natural human state & closer to transhumanism.”
“Oh for goodness sake whatever next.”
“Fake alien invasion.”

“They’re using war to justify insane inflation, making the cost of living impossible, giving them the excuse they need to crash the economy, get rid of cash alogether & bring in financial handouts linked with a social credit system, which means they can control how & where we spend our own money & freeze our accounts if we don’t behave exactly as they want.”
“So what’s the problem? Just conform.
This is too tiring. Bugger off.”

And that’s how it usually ends.
Also what they want.
The ‘why does it matter anyway?’ switch off.

The reason all this matters so much, is that we are perpetuating our own enslavement & suffering with this kind of unconsciousness.
We are acting as enablers to our own abuse & demise.
When we feel the effects of this abuse, we point & scowl in the direction of the latest demonised scapegoat & seek refuge under the wing of our oppressors; fooled into feeling looked after once more, whilst ignorantly priming ourselves for another round.
It’s very sick, the effect of this blind, naive trust we seem hell-bent on maintaining at all cost.

But the waves are coming thick & fast now. Smashing over our heads just as we’re trying to gasp for air from the last one.
They want us to go under.
To go limp & be at the mercy of these almighty waves.
They want us turning our backs so we don’t see the next one coming.
They want us to too fatigued to care.
Happy to be controlled.
Unconsciously holding up & fighting for our own slavery systems.
Stockholm syndrome.

So that even when faced with the grim reality that the vaccines are killing thousands of young people, & the war story is hiking up the cost of living, likely pushing millions into poverty…
When our friends & family are literally dying & losing jobs & businesses as a result of these campaigns we stood so vehemently behind – we still stand by them.
And will stand by the next.
And the next.

But as ever, just because it’s their plan it doesn’t mean they’ll pull it off. How far they get though depends on our level of awareness – of consciousness.

To me it’s clear we are on a natural trajectory to take back our power.
We are becoming increasingly conscious & therefore sovereign (which is why media drama levels are reaching fever pitch in a desperate bid to put a stop to any such thing).
When this happens en masse, they lose control altogether & a void is created from which new systems can form.
There’s no doubt it’s going to be messy.
Old ways are thrashing about for a last destructive go at ultimate power whilst seeds of what’s to come are beginning to sprout up all over the place.
It’s been likened to a game of chess many times & it feels very much like this to me.

The truth is becoming more difficult to decipher because they will hijack the natural & the inevitable. They are twisting, exaggerating & inverting the truth in order to hide it & derail us.
Sadly the hijacking includes our compassion.
For every crisis they ham up in the media there’s a tidal wave of compassion & empathy. And for those who put their trust in the media, their compassion & empathy will be taken & channelled wherever the manipulative little cockroaches want it to go.
And if you pay attention to how our lives are changing as a result of each crisis (inflicted/ mandated medicines, job losses, business closures, increased surveillance, increased fear & illness, less cash, more emf’s, unsustainable inflation, increased dependency etc. etc.), & match that with the controllers’ plans, it’s not difficult to see what’s going on.

They have the advantage of the media still, so they can take control of the narrative.
But the more people see through their audacious lies, the less power they have, the less of a hold they have & the faster their control over us will unravel.

No one has all the answers, but this is a war on consciousness, so rather than enabling the narcissists abusing us time & time again by mindlessly virtue signalling with each & every ‘unavoidable’ crisis, we need to be as aware as possible, question everything, find & learn to trust our instincts, & view every ‘irrifutable’ order as the choice & opportunity that it really is.