If there’s a finger to point…

So those beautiful caring people ‘in charge’, would now have us believe that if we’ve been obedient citizens, we can now go skipping off into the sunset with our double jabbed arms swinging merrily, looking forward to going ‘back to normal’ anytime soon (I mean we’re pretty much there already apparently, if you don’t count the masks, soon to be triple jabs, regular tests & the odd 10 days of isolation)…
If on the other hand, you’re going to be all awkward & stubborn about this, thinking you’re different & all, then you’re just gonna get what’s coming to you – & tough shit you deserve it.
The sooner we all just do what we’re told, the sooner we’re free.
That’s what they said.
The people taking our freedoms away just did it temporarily for our safety.
They’ll give them back soon & things will be normal again…
Won’t they?

Absolutely not.
They’ve led us into yet another misconception that it’s only the ‘anti-vaxxers’ (many of whom are no such thing, they’ve just looked into this particular one & decided against it) who will ‘suffer’ & ‘be punished’ as a result of their chosen behaviour.
But in reality, whilst they are indeed pinning us unvaxxed up against a wall & doing their damndest to oust us from society whilst convincing everyone else it’s ‘for the best’ & to ‘do their bit’ to help reign us in & get us under control, they’re simultaneously getting ready to implement their increasingly sinister  plans to add more & more conditions to the already very fucked up definition of ‘freedom’ for the vaxxed…

My point is that this is no time for smugness & a ‘you deserve it’ finger point, often paradoxically coming from those with a usual tendency to campaign at the drop of a hat on behalf of any man, beast, planet or anything else remotely on the receiving end of any kind of prejudice or discrimination whatsoever…
We might be in the middle of a complete societal divide, but we really are all in this together.

They’re shafting us all.
(Or trying to at least.)

Imagine 6 months down the line…
Don’t want a 4th Covid jab in one arm & 2 flu jabs in the other? A concoction of whatever they’ve got leftover from the last round?
Don’t want a mask on your face for the rest of your life?
Don’t want to scan your digital ID barcode to get into a supermarket?
Don’t want your barcode permanently attached to (or discretely ‘just popped inside’) your body?
Starting to get suspicious as everyday activities become dependent on government approved ‘good behaviour’ credits?
Don’t want your newborn baby/ grandchildren signed up for a lifetime of the type of conditional ‘freedom’ (aka tyranny) we’ve accidentally allowed in?

They’re not going to stop with vax passports anymore than they were ever going to stop when the elusive curve got flattened.
They will push & push & push.
They’ll continue to tighten the screw until we each reach our individual breaking point.

And when we snap, guess where we end up?
We get tossed into the heap of those who’ve already snapped…
The societal irritants.
In this case, the great big pile of disobedient selfish germ spreaders.
And there’s no certificate for having towed the line for however long, no pat on the back & thanks for taking part.

Call me a conspiracy theorist all you like but there’s no denying the rest of it all came true.

This might sound like a horrendous doomsday scenario but it really isn’t.
It’s actually what I see as an inevitable coming together…
At which point things change unimaginably for the better.

I’m under no illusion of this happening overnight or that it won’t need to get a lot darker before enough people ‘snap’ for it to get better.
Some will continue to insist that the emperor is actually wearing clothes & take it to the grave if that’s their choice, but it will become increasingly uncomfortable & difficult to hang onto as more is exposed (‘scuse the pun).

Anyone who’s ever encountered any kind of abusive or even just unhealthy relationship will know that it has to get bad enough for the leap into the unknown to finally feel more appealing than sticking around for more punches to roll… listening to yourself justifying it over & over to people who see it for what it is & just want to grab you by the arm & yank you the hell out of there.
‘He hits me ‘cos he loves me.’

He hits you because he’s an arsehole.

We’ve been teetering at the top of a very dark & slippery slope for a while now, & we’ve just taken off the handbreak.

How far down we go is up to us, but to me one thing’s for sure – at some point, the ‘tinfoil hat wearers’ & ‘sheeple’ will morph into one, losing both bitchy labels & instead of fighting each other will finally find common ground…

Overthrowing the ‘powers that be’.
The real societal irritants.

Because it all stops when the majority

It’s starting already & it’s gathering pace fast.
That’s why they’re throwing everything they can at us (e.g. the actual end of the world) to keep us in our fear induced boxes, silenced by our fear induced masks, & it will continue for as long as we let them.
It will stop though, & the world will turn on its head.
I get called a dreamer, naive, a wishful thinker etc when I say this (amongst plenty of other things from people who don’t share my belief that the world turning on its head is actually a good thing), but I’ve had an inner knowing that this would happen for as long as I can remember.
So I will continue to dream, imagine & wish, because I also know that this is big part of how it happens.
I don’t enjoy witnessing what’s happening anymore than anyone else & naturally I have times of apprehension, but I remain full of excitement & optimism for our future.

A future where…

The World ‘Health’ Organisation, the pharmaceutical industry, the big ‘health’ charities & all who were knowingly involved in the corruption are exposed to us all in a way that cannot be denied.
They are held to account for their actions, along with any individuals complicit in for example, coercing children to take an experimental injection with death as a possible side effect.
(Serious note; doctors, nurses, employers & school teachers might want to read up on the Nuremberg Code, because there are lawyers making plans for more trials as we speak).

The ‘news’ is seen by all to be the lying, fearmongering, manipulative bullshitery that it is & is wiped from existence… along with the pompous people in suits who acted in it.

Supermarkets are replaced by ethically run real food shops with nice lighting.
Everything is organic but none of the labels say ‘organic’, because it’s just normal food.
Chemically sprayed food is a thing of the past – obviously.
They’re reasonably priced, nice places to be with good atmospheres & mini libraries with cafes where you can eat & read at the same time.
I think the background music is even tuned to 432Hz.

The ‘war on pathogens’ comes to an end when the connection is made between pollutants & health. 
Resources now go into prevention rather than cure; the terrain of our body being the focus rather than hiding from germs behind plastic screens.
People aren’t scared to hug each other anymore.

When kids are hungry, it’s cheaper, more convenient & tastier to get them a no-shit snack than a shit-based one… this is helped by the fact that McDonald’s, Gregg’s, KFC etc go under when everyone concerned for their health realises MSG isn’t helping.

The religion of ‘government funded science don’t question it’ goes to pot when it comes to light that the whole scam was based on it.
Quantum science takes over & becomes normal. It’s now used in medical studies & evidence; the interaction of the physical & energetic worlds is finally acknowledged, accepted & respected.
People listen to the likes of Bruce Lipton rather than Chris Shitty. (Predictive text did that & I can’t bring myself to correct it.)
The difference in their smiles says it all.

We no longer see loved ones die at the hands of the corrupt medical system, often after having laughed, ridiculed & belittled the natural approaches & concluded that they had no sensible choice other than the mainstream…
Because the corrupt medical system no longer exists.

Homeopathic hospitals come back; naturopathic hospitals appear alongside conventional ones (used mainly for accident & emergency), & all are used synergistically with the ‘patch & dispatch’ ethos replaced by real healing.
They are warm, welcoming, comforting places to be, full of uplifting & calming colour, art & music. (Art is everywhere now because it’s properly valued… there’s no such thing as a struggling artist anymore; they’re paid more than the sleazy politicians ever were & it’s made the world a much more vibrant place to be).
Visitors are welcomed – & obviously face coverings are long gone (the controllers are forced to admit they’ve been for dark psychological reasons rather than positive health ones. They say sorry & fund free PTSD healing for all before they leave the planet).

The 1939 Cancer Act is finally abolished & the thousands of natural health practitioners helping people with cancer no longer have to do so ‘underground’.
They are no longer in danger of being imprisoned for helping someone to cure themselves of this often so-called ‘terminal & incurable’ illness.

Human empowerment & sovereignty are now valued; children are educated about the emotional, mental & spiritual effects on the body.
They learn what they’re interested in too now, in their own time & in healthy environments. Fear based control is a thing of the past, & love, laughter, natural movement & human touch are considered as vital as food & water.
Needless to say all human trafficking is gone, along with everyone who’s ever been even remotely involved.

Common law replaces ‘old & corrupt’ law, so people no longer behave in irrational & harmful ways to avoid being told off by police serving a corrupt government who repeatedly break their own ‘laws’.
Basically a whole heap of nonsense no longer happens.

Censorship is given a worthwhile vocation – for websites like ‘Quackwatch’, which can no longer be used to manipulate the public against natural health practices, or as troll ammunition to back up the corrupt pharmaceutical industry.

The air is clean (now that the 5G towers & chemtrails are no longer a thing)… & time in nature is abundant.
We acknowledge that ‘the environment’ is something we are part of, not separate from & that it’s important for humans to live in their natural habitat, not just animals.
The weather is no longer controlled – with the ‘solutions’ to the ‘problem’ being so increasingly ‘smart’ that we’re being fried from the inside out with omnipresent radiation (with the added intention of morphing us into programmable cyborgs living on fake-based vegan food in carbon controlled pens).
I’m pretty sure the HAARP centres ironically get destroyed by unexpected fires & floods.
(I should probably mention here that the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ becomes embarrassing given how theory so often became fact, so it’s never heard of anymore, apart from in tales of ‘the psychological/ spiritual war of 2020 & beyond’).

There is properly informed choice when it comes to health.
All approaches are heart centred & can therefore be trusted.
Chronic illness is a thing of the past because we’re being helped to detox on all levels & are no longer bombarded with toxic shite day in day out from all directions.
Health is given the time, money, education & respect it deserves & is not just considered the absence of disease but the realisation of our human potential.

There’s plenty more but that’ll do for starters…

As we know, the old toxic ways are decaying in front of our eyes.
All of it.
Media, education, banking, celebrity culture, pharmaceuticals…
They’re not going down without a loud & messy fight, & sadly there will be casualties… but down they are going.

Divide & decay aren’t generally embraced too happily – understandably, but we know what happens to eggs & caterpillars if they’re to become omlettes & butterflies, so my hope is that we can cut each other some slack & if there’s a finger to point we point it at the people (& I use that term loosely) actually running this shitshow.

Thank you to everyone out there holding the vision of new ways of being, involving proper health & harmony.
It will come & it will be worth waiting for.