‘Just’ another vaccine?… Really?

At the end of this is a list of people/ organisations to look up if you’re interested in a different perspective to the one we hear day in day out on the news.
There are many many more out there too.
(Use DuckDuckGo to search though as unlike Google they don’t censor truth).

Please don’t fall into the trap of ‘I’ve had loads of vaccines, this is just one more’.
It is anything but, & is very likely to do a lot of harm to a lot of people, which will then be blamed on a 3rd (4th? 5th? What are we up to?) wave or some new mutant strain or other… no doubt followed by more lockdowns & increasingly disturbing carrots on sticks, all leading people further & further from what it means to be a free, sovereign, organic human being.

The ‘vaccine’ is in its experimental phases until 2023.
They simply cannot tell us this is safe.

This time last year anyone speaking out was getting a lot of abuse.
People found it funny to ridicule those of us with concerns about where this could be headed.
Now it seems that most people are sensing that something is very off.
Something sinister is happening & it doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon.

Some people may just genuinely want this injection & fair enough, but so many people are reluctantly booking in for it; buckling under the pressure despite it not feeling right.

Please listen to your instincts if this is you.
If you decline now they’re hardly going to stop you having it further down the line if you change your mind. They’re desperate for us all to have it.
They didn’t fulfil their ‘jab to go on holiday’ bribe, & are unlikely to fulfill others.
You could just wait & see.
If you don’t want it but are worried about being ostracised, you will be far from alone. There is always another way & there are more of us than you’d think who will be going that way.
You absolutely do have a choice.

Please just look into it & listen to the reasons why so many people are concerned about & refusing this jab (& the tests for that matter). I can assure you they didn’t just read a meme & decide to become a conspiracy theorist.
Many of us are involved in health for our work or have had our eyes opened to the corruption through personal experience.
Some of us are massively private introverted people who avoided FB before this & still cringe every time we hit the ‘post’ button.
We put ourselves out there knowing we’re going to be gossiped about.
We’ve lost friends, we’ve been ‘taken on’ by intellectual aquaintences, laughed at by family members, trolled by local hairdressers, you name it.
But we do it anyway.
That’s how much it matters to us.
That’s how much we give a shit.
We have nothing to gain & a lot to lose – which cannot be said for the people making & pushing this agenda, who have openly spoken about profits, control, transhumanism & depopulation.
Yes it sounds alarming, but alarming things happen.
Governments actually have a history of it.

If you don’t trust the government & don’t believe the news, as most people claim, then why trust them with your health now, after we’ve been shafted for a year already?

A year of unhealthy restrictions clearly causing more harm than good, non-sensical draconian rules, ever-moving goalposts, coercion, guilt-tripping, manipulation, divide & conquer, NO talk of immune systems, & the ultimate piss-take – McDonald’s remaining open throughout – because it’s an ‘essential’ ‘food’ outlet.
How could this possibly be about health?

They are absolutely desperate for us all to be injected with this substance asap, despite the virus survival rate being 99.7% & the average age of death being 85 years old & involving several comorbidities.
This doesn’t even take into account the ‘died with (not of – with) Covid within 28 days of a faulty PCR test’ bs, the curious disappearance of flu & a million other red flags.
They have now started testing the vaccines on children, so it’s clear what their plans are there too…

The drama surrounding this f’ing virus is surely off the scale illogical in anyone’s eyes…
So why?

Is it really because they care about us & our health?


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