One for the PTA meeting?

Forgive the grim opening to this, but children are now taught about masturbation at school aged 3-6.
And parents are being told these lessons are compulsory.
Not grooming.
Not sexualising children.
Not insanely creepy & inappropriate.

Call it a conspiracy all you want, there is a very dark, heavy agenda at play & this is part of it…
So is the gender confusion indoctrination…
And the virus fear indoctrination & misplaced sense of responsibility…
And the climate fear indoctrination, manipulation & guilt-bashing…
And the ‘need’ for a ‘convenient’ cashless society indoctrination…
And the ‘be kind’ at all costs indoctrination…
And the ‘fear to stand against the norm, however fucked up it is because the herd will leap on you like an angry pack of pre-programmed hyenas & you’ll deserve every thing that’s coming to you’ indoctrination…
And the war propaganda indoctrination…
And all the rest of the horsecrap we’re being bombarded with from all directions.

It’s all coming into schools for a reason.
More & more.
It’s not even covert or insideous anymore.

They have drag queens looking like plastic sex dolls reading stories to 4 year olds & parents who are too ‘kind & liberal’ to say get the fuck away from my child.

They have people injecting children with experimental drugs created by known criminals to ‘save’ the elderly who’ve already had 5 of the bloody things.

They have teachers regurgitating government fear-porn to children because ‘it’s just what’s on the curriculum.’

Kids being dressed up in whatever colours are in keeping with the latest propaganda push. Doesn’t matter what you or they think, as long as it’s in keeping with ‘the done thing’.

Has ‘the done thing’ ever been louder?
Has going against it ever been less popular?
Have we ever been more mindlessly obedient & afraid to question authority?
And if so, where did we learn that?

I often wonder what it will take for this to end.
To cause the snap.
Will it be when someone’s child allows themselves to be raped because they didn’t want to offend?
Particularly if the perpetrator happened to be from a fashionable minority group.

Or because they’d grown up in a world where the adults automatically did what they were told & had gradually allowed the word ‘no’ to devolve out of their collective vocabulary.
Because ‘just’.
Because ‘science’.
Because ‘be kind’.
Because ‘authority’.
Because ‘why would they do that?’

Like there’s anything kind about what’s quietly happening to our children whilst we continue to act out our Oscar worthy performances of ‘everything’s normal here on planet Earth’.
Every. Single. Day.

It’s all been planned for such an eerie length of time.
The effort that’s been put into it beyond comprehension.
Which feeds right into the hands of the, ‘Oh come on… Really?’ groupthink.
Like it could possibly be that sinister.
Surely it’s ‘just’ coincidence after coincidence.
Or whatever they said on the news.

Drip. Drip .Drip.
Wear us all down.
They need us to become so fatigued that we stop.

We stop talking.
We stop feeling.
We stop trying.

I see this now. A lot.
It’s what I’ve felt too.
Like we’re waiting for something.
Like this toxic steamroller of doom will just turn around & leave us all alone.

Because why?

Because it all got too weird.
The weird became the norm.
We don’t even know if the weird is seen, let alone seen as weird.
And if it’s seen as weird then where the fuck is the normal reaction to weird?
Where are the wtf-ometers?
Did they break?
Were they removed?

We appear to be either in blissful ignorance, defiant denial or stuck in ‘we tried’ defeated apathy.
I’ve certainly been in & out of the latter.

But whilst we’re waiting, denying, giving up or pretending, we’re rolling over & letting them do this to our children.

This bullshit they’re throwing at us via the media, which we have the power to turn off.
They’re throwing it into schools like never before. Straight into their maleable minds, setting them up for life.
They don’t have the power to turn it off.
The buck stops with us.
I know this kind of talk is a stuck record.
I’m well aware it’s mostly unwelcome.
I realise it can be incredibly triggering.
But I don’t want to be a part of the tide of apathy that allowed the counter-narrative to be drowned out.

I’m aware that many people feel home educating isn’t possible even if they wanted to do it.
Our own indoctrination of what’s necessary, important or what we’re capable of, still so firmly etched into our brains.
But please, just remember how many things they intimidated & manipulated us into believing were ‘necessary’, ‘compulsory’ or ‘for the greater good’ in 2020, when they were clearly anything but.
So many things are more possible & positive than we’re led to believe. So often what’s seen negatively for bucking the trend turns out to be the best thing we could ever have done.

Look how they utilised our herd mentality against us.
Knowing we’d rather lose our freedoms & integrity than our social status.

What a test run to see what they can get away with before we make a stand.

They played us for fools.
And now on behalf of our children.
They’ve mind-numbed us into what appears to be a total dissolution of what was an already alarmingly weak line in the sand.
Hijacking our compassion with an endless stream of Trojan horses for us to jump all over whenever they flick the switch.
Laughing at us whilst we literally cheer on our own demise, in our blind eagerness to ‘do the right thing.’
Their right thing.

They’re bulldozing their way in because we’re letting them.
Still trusting & obeying those we claim to despise & distrust.

We’re like the participants of Milgram’s conformity experiment, where people sat quietly & obediently in a room filling with smoke just because everyone else in the room, who knew it was an experiment, was ignoring the smoke.
They could barely even see the paper in front of them. They presumably knew the dangers of smoke. But the vast majority just sat there.

People have warned for a long time they’re coming for the kids.
Now they’ve quite clearly arrived & we need to be in the way.

Not just parents, any adults.
Enough of the self-sacrifice for granny, inverted responsibility bullshit.
How about granny making a stand for the kids?
How about we shift our focus onto the job we’re here to do, which is to look after the young.
Stand in the way.
You don’t see lions in the wild cowering to the side of their young, worrying what others will think of them, pretending not to notice the massive threat looming right in front of them, laughing at the ones pointing it out & letting it walk right on up to their offspring to do whatever the hell it wants.

Ours may not be such an obvious physical attack (apart from the toxic injections).
It’s arguably more dangerous than that, because to some it’s invisible & to many it’s deniable.
Unseen until it’s too late & the damage has been done.
They’re worming their vicious, poisonous tendrils into the minds of our children.
Because when they have their minds, they have everything.
Ultimate control.
The narcissist’s dream.

We can look the other way all we want, but we are in a psychological war; ultimately a spiritual war with huge physical implications too, & our children are being heavily targeted.

So question it, challenge it, call it out.
Flag it up, talk about it, join forces.
Make a noise. Poke the norm.
Be inconvenient.
Walk away, do your own thing & tell others about it. Set up an alternative.
Whatever you feel like doing, do it.
Just don’t be scared to stand against it.

None of these agenda driven indoctrinations are normal & none of them are remotely ok.
They are incredibly harmful.
And so is our apathy, denial & silence.

These are our kids.
Push the fuck back.