Real health & the taboo of personal responsibility

When did ‘personal responsibility’ become such a taboo?
It always stirs the hornets nest whenever the vaccine debate rears its head, but since February 2020 the implications of these 2 words have become (along with most other things) actual grounds for police arrest.
Somewhere down the line, the words ‘personal responsibility’ ironically started to be used interchangeably with the words ‘selfish’ & ‘irresponsible’, & all hell broke loose.

There will always be debate around the influence our choices may or may not have on others & how much of that is our responsibility, but my point is how can we possibly know if & how our health decisions/ actions are affecting others when we don’t even know how they’re affecting ourselves?

Right now we’re having our supposed responsibility for the health of our fellow humans rammed down our throats more than ever, but don’t we also have a responsibility to inform ourselves as to exactly what that means for our own bodies so we’re able to make a properly informed choice for ‘the greater good’?

Isn’t it time we reignited our connection with our instincts & immune systems – the faculties we were born with – faculties that have enabled us to successfully evolve as a species for thousands of years, & give them the credit they deserve by listening to them before blindly trusting some bloke in a dull grey suit just because he talks in a serious voice on the news at 10?

When I look around me I see the opposite; I see a stronger belief in the government & the BBC than our own instincts & immune systems… (Most people slag the hell out of the government & the BBC too, so that’s saying something).

This isn’t about judgement, blame or beating ourselves up; the thing is, a very long time ago, it seems we traded in responsibility for a childlike dependency on our authorities… they supposedly kept us safe & well in exchange for us not having to think too much for ourselves & always having someone to blame when things went wrong.
2020 just happened to be the year to show us what a good idea that turned out to be.

When it comes to personal responsibility & protecting people with vulnerable health, I see a massive elephant in the room…

Why are there so many people with vulnerable health in the first place?

Why is there such a rapidly increasing number of people who are classed as having ‘insufficient’ immune systems?

Why, in the age of medicine are our bodies so weary that they can no longer stand alone without being propped up with synthetic drugs & vaccines?

Could it possibly be that what we really need protecting from is the very thing promising to look after us – the healthcare system?
(And by this I include all systems & corporations who have their fingers in the same pie – the problem, reaction, solution merry-go-round of media, manufacturing, advertising, retail, politics etc.)

Don’t get me wrong, western medicine absolutely has its place & I will be eternally grateful for it, but on the whole, right now, whichever way we look, whichever papers we read, whoever we listen to, believe or trust, whether we’re concerned about Covid, flu, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, mental illness, obesity or anything else, it’s clear that we humans are not thriving healthwise – physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, & we haven’t been for quite some time…
Our current lifestyles, philosophies & healthcare systems, on the whole are just not working.

We’ve done pesticides, synthetic chemicals, suppression, germ phobia, an ever increasing vaccine programme, reductionism, & a lack of awareness of cause & effect (perpetuated by the medical profession, governments, media etc) for years now on the understanding that it’s good for our health.

Here we are though in 2020, living in some kind of surreal reality where if you follow the advice of the same people who claim the above to be necessary for good health, you are now not allowed to breathe freely incase you kill someone with a weak immune system.

Alongside personal responsibility, we seem to have lost belief in the power of the human body as well as the connection between what we do to it & how it functions.

I’m writing this during the second lockdown of the year – ‘for the good of the nation’s health’ – where the strengthening of immune systems is not talked about, nutrition is not talked about, junk food is still being sold &  advertised, all ‘news’ is completely fear driven whilst emotional health is disregarded, & off licenses are considered more essential to humanity than natural healthcare centres.
Not only are the above not talked about but they are being censored… along with anyone speaking out against the narrative (myself included).
When talk of immunity is being censored during a supposed health pandemic, surely alarm bells start ringing.

I think a wise person once said ‘Many a good thing has come from a total shitshow’ though, & I’d have to agree…

With a current global focus on health like never before, crumbling healthcare systems, & the disempowerment & fear that comes with it, what a brilliant opportunity for change.
Given that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same behaviour over & over again, expecting different results, if there was ever a time to acknowledge that what we’re doing is not working & we need to change direction, surely it’s now.

Despite what we’re generally led to believe, health is not just the absence of disease, it’s about actually feeling properly good & thriving as the human being we came here to be – & recognising that we have every right to do just that by making properly informed choices for ourselves whatever they may be, without feeling some kind of misplaced guilt or shame.

Thankfully all the information & tools we need are already out there (or in us, depending on your beliefs); we’ve just been conditioned to distrust them in favour of the status quo. Here are a few reminders…

Seeing as we’re very much a part of nature, we need to be connected to it in order to thrive; earth, mud, bacteria, viruses, human touch, water, natural movement, clean air etc.

Unnatural foods, substances, chemicals etc will not be recognised by the body & will cause stress, nutrient depletion & dehydration – which set off chain reactions resulting in all kinds of imbalances & diseases.

Prevention is just as, if not more important than cure, & toxin avoidance plays a huge part in this, as they’re omnipresent in today’s world (& come not just from food & drink but from relationships, thoughts, energies, cosmetics, medications etc etc)…

People don’t suddenly get ill. They might suddenly show symptoms, but there will always have been a build up of imbalances, eventually manifesting as disease.

Seeing as it’s impossible to completely avoid toxins, careful detoxing is hugely important too. We consume a massive excess compared to if we lived in harmony with nature, so the body needs a helping hand to process & release them.

Just because many things are normal, it doesn’t mean they’re a good idea…
E.g. Spraying chemicals all over vegetables, using deodorants containing known carcinogens such as aluminium, or allowing flouride (a neurotoxin known to calcify the pineal gland amongst other things) into our water &/or our mouths via dentistry.

…The list of factors influencing our health is endless.

Most people go to the doctor when they’re ill & are given medications, but again, just because it’s normal, it doesn’t mean there’s not another way that might just be more efficient & have further-reaching results.

How often are we told ‘there’s nothing that can be done’, so we assume that’s true?
It might be true within that particular healthcare system, but it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true across the board.

Hering’s Law for example, shows how the body can ‘turn around’ at any point & retrace its steps in order to become well again, & stories from people like Anita Moorjani, Morris Goodman, Brandon Bays etc. are massively inspiring to read.
They show us not only that people can & do recover from ‘incurable’ illnesses, but also the huge influence that emotions, energy & beliefs have on the physical body (time to turn off the news maybe?).

Health sovereignty is being manipulated out of us via propaganda, fear & guilt, costing us our integrity, the ability to listen to our instincts & our health, at a time when we need them the most.
I strongly believe it’s time to reclaim it, & hold onto the ability & confidence to make our own properly informed health decisions for us & our children, rather than being led by the nose even further into this incredibly toxic, mind-numbing madness in the name of ‘health’.

An ever increasing number of people are already doing it; gently turning away from the ‘norm’, & reaping the benefits, feeling healthy, full of energy, happy, calm, positive, in control, fit, capable & empowered.
It’s not a pipe dream or only for a select ‘lucky’ few; it just starts with a decision to take back our personal responsibility & naturally unfolds from there.

I look forward to a time when this, rather than what we currently see when we walk down the street, is considered normal… & I won’t shut up until it happens!