Shedding – no one really knows but here’s my take anyway…

I am in the process of writing a much longer & more in-depth ‘how to stay healthy in a shitstorm like no other’ blog, but seeing as shedding is such a concern for people at the moment I thought I’d right a quick one to put out what I make of it.

It seems that no one really knows exactly what is happening, but it’s very clear that something is somehow being transmitted that is mainly affecting blood & reproduction.
Miscarriages have gone through the roof, women’s menstrual cycles are irratic, more painful & heavier, & many people including children are experiencing random bleeding, bruising, rashes, headaches & general fatigue after being around jabbed (I’m not calling it a vaccine because it isn’t a vaccine) people.
There are many theories doing the rounds, & for what it’s worth, having read around, joined some dots & considered the wider picture, here’s mine…

Given that there’s a technological element to these injections, I believe that whatever’s being transmitted is happening as an EMF (electromagnetic frequency), which could also be seen as an energetic transmission.

It’s widely known (though not always accepted) that EMFs negatively affect the body, & red blood cells & fertility appear to be among the first or most sensitive.

It’s also known that negative influences & imbalances in the energetic field can & do make their way down to the physical level if left unresolved.

The theories about transmission on a physical level don’t seem to add up either, as it’s not known whether spike proteins can be transmitted between people.

So this is why I’ve come to this conclusion…
As I said, it’s a theory, which may well change as more information comes to light.

So what to do about it?
I’ve recently been getting quite frustrated with a couple of spiritual teachers who are of the ‘don’t worry about it because if you worry you’ll get affected’ school of thought.
I have to say I do actually wholeheartedly agree with them; I do believe that we completely underestimate the enormous power of human beings, & that we absolutely have the potential to override any physical or energetic attack/ negative influence, through our beliefs & vibration.
However, ‘potential’ is the word.
As true as it might be that if you’re scared of dogs they’re more likely to bite you (I can vouch for this), it’s the most unhelpful & therefore annoying thing of all to say to someone who’s afraid of dogs .
It’s all very well & good if you’re on lunch date terms with the Galactic Federation of Light & are no stranger to astral travelling to the inside of the moon & back, but at the moment, I don’t know a single soul who feels they’re at the point where they can rise above all & any threat to their physical being.
We’re all a work in progress & I feel strongly that whilst absolutely aspiring to & working towards activating our innate superhumaness, we also need to allow ourselves (& others) to be where we’re at & to bring in any tools we can to help us, without beating ourselves up for being ‘inadequate’.

That said, I just remembered Dr Emoto’s water experiment (see my blog ‘Vibration, Intention…) & how I did actually manage to control mold levels of rice with the power of my mind alone (very useful skill)… I didn’t necessarily believe it would work, so there’s proof that there is power in intention whether we believe it or not.
Maybe we’re best off covering all bases.
Like I heard someone say the other day, ‘trust God, but tie up your camel.’

Anyway, the good thing about this theory is that even if I’m wrong, the solutions will help to protect against the ever mounting list of other EMFs in our omnipresent ‘smart’ environment, as well as having countless additional health benefits.
Some people are choosing to stay away from people who’ve had the injection, & fair enough, especially if pregnant or planning a family. It’s not always possible or practical though & some don’t want to, so along with anything & everything that will raise your vibration (i.e. pretty much everything the government have been advising us not to do for over a year), here are some emf/ energy protection/ enhancement ideas you might want to look into:

• Heavy metals in the body amplify the effects of EMF radiation, so anything that detoxes these from our body will help.
Concentrated greens such as wheatgrass, chlorella, barley grass & spirulina are amazing for this.
Zeolite clay is also great & can be mixed with water & taken internally as well as in the bath.
Iodine (found in seaweed) is another underused but vitally important nutrient in today’s world, neutralising radiation & balancing the thyroid as well as removing fluoride, which hinders the pineal gland.

• Live fermented foods such as kombucha, sauerkraut/ kimchi & kefir are important for retaining gut health, which is easily affected by EMFs & plays a huge role in the overall health of the body, particularly the immune system & the central nervous system.

• Black crystals are amazingly helpful in grounding & protecting the energy field. They can be worn as pendants, rings, bracelets, carried in pockets, put on keyrings or placed around the house & by the bed.
Black obsidian, tourmaline, hematite, onyx, & shunghite are all amazing, & adding a quartz crystal will amplify their qualities.
Combinations of some of these mixed with copper & resin, known as orgonite amplify the crystals’ power, & are often made into pyramids to further amplify their effects.

• Sound baths are powerful energy balancers & amazingly relaxing, lowering stress levels & helping to raise our vibration.

• Other things to have around the house to help with EMFs are Himalayan salt rock lamps & plants, & WiFi can be replaced by TP links which plug into the house electrics for internet use.

• For reproductive health, vaginal steaming is something you can do at home, using herbs to balance the menstrual cycle & nourish the reproductive organs.

I do think it’s important however to remember the body as a whole, & that the main aim for us always, but particularly at this time, is to clear the body of toxicity as much possible, in order to hold as much light as possible.
(It’s worth adding that the less toxic we are in general, the more oxygenated our cells are; oxygenated blood is less prone to clotting.)
This is when our vibration will be high, we’ll be able to hear our instincts & we will naturally become more resilient to whatever shit might be thrown at us physically, energetically & psychologically.
In turn this will also reduce levels of fear & send us on an upward spiral on all levels of health.
There are countless ways to do this, but this ‘short’ blog has turned out to be not so short already, so I’ll put what I know about that in another blog & stop this one here.
I hope this has been of some help &/ or reassurance xx