The beginning of the fall

…& why I’m so excited.
When I say ‘the fall’, I’m talking about the house of cards.
Basically, the world as we know it, or knew it pre-Covid.

Most of what I write these days seems to be starting with a ‘what does this have to do with health?’ introduction, but I suppose the way the mainstream media has handled Covid says it all really.
Of course it’s about health; just not in the way they want us to think it is.

You only have to look at the ‘news’ to see how it’s the grubby little fingers of the same hand pulling the strings of all areas of our lives, however worlds apart they might seem on the surface.
Health is the agenda of the moment, so we have vaccination lessons in schools, masks on chocolate Easter bunnies in shops (yes really), politicians via the media, giving us ‘health’ advice dripped down from the WHO – branding anything not peer-reviewed by a Rockefeller-derived medical school as irresponsible fake news quackery, etc etc.
The propaganda is everywhere.

The cracks have been growing for a long time though, & now it’s time for the fall. Anyone aware of the corruption in our institutions will have been waiting for this for a long long time & if anything like me, will probably be bursting with excitement now that it’s starting to really gather pace.
Not because we want the chaos, fear, drama & fall-out, but because we know it’s a necessary purge & we know what’s on the other side.
We have nothing to worry about.

Up until now I’ve not been able to see how on earth the mainstream media could be brought down.
I’ve wanted these fear-peddling lying arseholes to crumble for as long as I can remember, but until now, given their dominance & increasingly hard to deny brainwashing abilities, I’ve not been able to see how it would happen.

However, now that those who’ve monopolised & manipulated social media for so long are losing their grip right in front of our eyes, I can see how it can (& will) happen to all other outdated, toxic institutions in our world.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube did it to themselves by getting carried away with censorship last year. It started with a few rats being smelt around the Covid narrative that they thought they’d try & put a stop to, then they got a bit carried away & started fact-checking the British Medical Journal, then they lost the plot altogether & are now censoring their own ‘community standards’ – whatever they are anyway… suffice to say they’ve had it.
People will only put up with so much.

I feel a bit uncomfortable banging on about narcissism so much but it’s just so relevant. The thing with narcissistic characters is that they will never realise when they’ve gone too far, because they will always push & push to get away with more & more.
They think they can, they believe they’re entitled to, & they think they can get away with it – & why wouldn’t they? They always have. They play with people like a cat with a mouse, pushing to the edge, hurting, then pulling back in, only to start all over again.
At some point though they will push too far.
That point might be different for everybody, but it’s there.

If they don’t get taken down against their will, the mainstream media will undoubtedly also shoot itself in the foot before long, hopefully taking the Westminster goons down with it.
Surely even the most diehard BBC subscribers will one day tire of waking up to some evil-eyed hypocrit telling them ‘there may be a glimmer of hope that they could perhaps start thinking about moving towards the possibility of getting within 57cms of another person in the next 18 months – but although the vaccine is our ticket to freedom it won’t mean restrictions will be lifted, so urges are made not to become too hopeful’ or other such nonsense.
And just as there were murmerings of people leaving big tech for smaller, newer platforms for a while before it happened, there are now growing murmerings of smaller but truthful journalism platforms (e.g. Collective Evolution) gaining popularity & credibility.

So, social media – done.
Mainstream media – possibly next? (Please please please!)
Or maybe the whole tired & grey political system.
Then what?
Which other areas of our lives will be affected by the fall?
Travel, the political system, the education system, entertainment, the financial system, the healthcare system… & that’s probably just for starters…

I for one am not spending another second of my life shuffling around an aircraft hanger full of predominantly shit food & santisised air, being barked at by mini-Hitlers for not following a danger-taped arrow on the floor &/ or for having my face out. If supermarkets make me feel like a caged tiger (they do) I’ll shop elsewhere, & by the same token…
If airlines demand vaccinations (looks probable), I won’t fly.
If school doesn’t work for my kids (it doesn’t), they don’t go.
If going to the doctor makes me feel worse (it does) I won’t go.
If the media is trying to manipulate me (it is) I won’t watch it.

It’s a personal choice of course, but we don’t have to stay & go down with them.
We can find another way with all these areas of our lives.

Noone’s saying it won’t be bumpy but the great thing about it is that it’s coming from us… We’re growing balls.
When we realise we’re being lied to, we stop listening.
When we realise we’re being stifled, we break free.
When we realise our children are being indoctrinated, we protect them.
When we realise we’re being taken for a ride, we do things our way.
When we realise we’re being deliberately intoxicated, we stop handing over our trust & take back our power.

I’ve no doubt it will not only happen, but it’s happening now.
The world is turning on its head.
Unnerving as it might be, to me it’s off the scale exciting & happening not a moment too soon.