Intention, vibration, health & truth.

In a world of debunking, censorship & accusations of false or dangerous misinformation, what or who to believe is causing a lot of stress & confusion for many people.
Given that immune systems & Vitamin C are now considered some kind of conspiracy theory by the powers that be, I really think there’s not much left to rely on other than common sense & instinct; to observe the world around us & tune in to what feels right or off. It is after all what the human race must have relied on to successfully evolve for however many years we’ve been here (quoting a figure on this could spark an angry debate in itself – see what I mean?!).

We’ve always been told that ‘seeing is believing’. Now, with the increasing acceptance & understanding of the quantum field, it’s more a case of ‘believing is seeing’.

Imagine if we knew that our thoughts, emotions & intentions had a very real impact on our reality & the physical world, including our own bodies.
How would that influence the way we talk to, think & feel about not only other people but ourselves?
How much time, effort & respect would we give our mental & spiritual health?
I am a fan of Dr Bruce Lipton & other quantum scientists who have been exploring this field for many years, but I also believe we need to come away from just believing what we’re told, & focus more on learning to trust ourselves.
How often have we had an bad feeling about something or someone, but chastised ourselves for being horrible & judgemental, given them a chance then ended up chastising ourselves again for not trusting our gut when it all went tits up?
How often has something we were told by other people all our lives turned out to be completely untrue?
For me, loads. So often that I’ve now managed to train myself to go with my gut no matter what my head & other people might be telling me.
It has not yet failed me once.

Below is an account of Dr Emoto’s famous rice experiment. His book ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ has loads of incredible photos of frozen water crystals & how they change form depending on their environment.

Given that the human body is predominantly water, the implications are obvious & HUGE.
I heard about the experiment about 15 years ago & it made sense to me, but when I actually did it, it changed my life!
Here’s what happened…

I filled 3 identical, sterilised glass jars with exactly the same amount of rice to about 1/3 of the way up, then added cold filtered water to about 2/3 of the way up – all the same.
On one jar I wrote the word ‘thank you’, on another I wrote the words ‘you idiot’, & the last jar I left blank.
I put them on a high up shelf, equally spaced about 20 inches apart, & every day, feeling like an absolute lunatic, I checked noone was looking in through the window, climbed up on a stool & spoke the words to the jars of rice.
The thing is with this, just speaking the words isn’t enough. I’ve tried this experiment before & it didn’t work. Only when I really felt the words did it work every time.
I thought of something I was really really grateful for & felt it as much as I could when I spoke to jar number 1, then anything ‘idiotic’ for jar number 2. (It’s 2020 – I make no apologies for how easy it was to really go for it with this one.)
Jar number 3 was completely ignored.
So, this went on, loving & abusing the jars of rice just once a day until on day 10, there was a terrible smell in the kitchen.
It took me until day 11 to realise that it was coming from the rice, particularly poor jar number 3, who’d been completely neglected. Given that all the jars were now in danger of being hated by everyone, the experiment was deemed over.

The results astounded me (I lose sleep with excitement over this stuff!), & were exactly in keeping with Dr Emoto’s findings.
Jar number one (‘thank you’) wasn’t particularly smelly, & there were creamy kind of bubbles on the top, similar to fermenting food.
Jar number 2 (‘you idiot’) also had a creamy layer on the top, but no bubbles, & it had a patch of red dots on it. It also smelt really bad. I moved them to my partner’s shed when the smell got worse & this jar quickly developed mold from the red patches.
Jar number 3 however, the ignored one, had a significant patch of blue mold on the top, & I can’t even begin to describe the smell.

So – DIY visual proof that thoughts, feelings & intentions affect the physical.
How? Through vibration. Everything is vibrating at a certain frequency, including us & our thoughts. When frequencies come our way, via objects, people, food, sounds, places etc, they influence our own vibration – which in turn affects our entire being, & vice versa.

Many people live their lives by this knowledge & reap the benefits. There are many accounts of people using thought, emotion & intention to heal ‘incurable diseases’; Morris Goodman’s story is my favourite.

Food also holds a vibration, which is why people talk of high vibrational foods such as living, fermented or sprouted foods. The vibration of a kimchi made from homegrown vegetables compared to an inhumanely slaughtered factory farmed chicken reared on antibiotics would differ hugely.
Medicines & chemicals such as flouride can hold quite negative vibrations, as can people who are holding onto a lot of unresolved trauma… The list is endless.

Since doing this experiment I’ve also experienced in my personal life the impact that my own emotions whilst going through a difficult time impacted on my children’s physical health. I won’t go into it here but it was absolutely undeniable & a huge wake-up call for me. It’s also partly what prompted me to train in sound therapy.

‘High vibes’, crystals, auras, the law of attraction, sound healing, incense (particularly sage), meditation, reiki…. All of these things work on the very much scientifically proven principles of energy & vibration, yet how credible are they considered?!
Having been in the natural health world for over 15 years & had ‘debunking’ websites such as ‘Quackwatch’ (yes really) thrown at me many times, I could write an essay on that alone.

Now that the world’s gone to shit though, (albeit in a ‘crack an egg to make an omelette – it’ll come good’ kind of way), many of us are twitching with excitement as the toxic systems that have not only repressed the natural health world, but ruled & disempowered all of us for so long, whether we knew it or not, fall apart around us.
We already have everything within us to build a new world, we just need to realise it & cast off the shackles.

Decalcification of the pineal gland is hugely important here, & a subject I’m itching to write about. Linked with a build-up of toxins/ heavy metals & a narrowing of our consciousness as a consequence, it’s very much the gateway to the bigger picture & the return of our innate yet often unrealised ability to trust our instincts & reach our potential as humans.

It’s becoming increasingly clear why natural cures are censored & ‘debunked’, & how anything ‘hippy’ has become associated with a patronising pat on the head & a quest for state approved ‘proper’ science.
They’ve been stifled for very good reason.
They work, they can’t be patented for profit or control & are therefore readily available to everyone. They also empower people into autonomous thought & behaviour; something I think it’s fair to say is not currently being encouraged but I personally believe will very much be the way of the future.