The mysterious disappearance of the human immune system

It’s not even a joke anymore that it’s become a conspiracy theory that we even have an immune system.

In 2020 – the year of a terrible health crisis; a global pandemic so extreme that most of the world was locked down for months at a time, serious action was needed:
Hugging was made ‘illegal’. 
Faces were covered, even outside in the fresh air.
Supermarkets had to implement one-way systems.
Coins couldn’t even be exchanged in some shops; they were placed in a bucket whilst the cashier handed people their cigarettes from behind the counter.
Most small businesses were deemed ‘non-essential’, & forced to close.
Large businesses such as McDonalds were deemed essential & remained open; Greggs opened even more shops & Crispy Creme Doughnuts were the first to reward vaccine recipients with free doughnuts for taking such good care of their health.
The need for this ‘vaccine’ was so strong that there wasn’t even time to wait until 2023, when the safety trials finished before it was administered to all.
Even the Nuremberg Code was disregarded; there was no time to allow people to make their own minds up – coercion, intimidation, pressure, guilt-tripping & advertising campaigns were fed 24/7 into the minds of all humans.
No risk could be taken.

This was about health.
It said so on the news.

Also in 2020, the very thing that had kept the human race alive for many thousands of years was belittled, ridiculed, silenced & pretty much cast aside altogether.

The human immune system.

Even though 99.7% of humans would recover completely from this killer virus by use of their immune system alone (it was so powerful & efficient that most didn’t even know they’d had the virus… only a 6 inch probe covered in ethylene oxide shoved up their nose to their blood brain barrier could confirm the presence of the deadly beast)… Still, nobody talked of this elusive old-fashioned ‘thing’ that couldn’t be bought anywhere.

The all-knowing people on the news told the people it would never work.
The FBI raided the few hospitals who dared encourage it.
Social media platforms censored & banned those who spoke of it.
The clever politicians pushed for increased restrictions to be placed on those who taught it.
The pharma-funded, government-backed scientists were branded experts, & the religion of ‘peer-reviewed’ took hold… only ‘peers’ in agreement with these scientists were respected, whilst thousands of highly qualified doctors & scientists who disagreed were cast aside, branded conspiracy theorists; their reputations in tatters – according to Wikipedia & the BBC.

How curious that we came to this point in the evolution of humanity relatively shortly after the onset & dominance of the highly respected, endorsed & incredibly lucrative modern medicine.

A time when it’s considered necessary to inject the average child with 39 vaccines just to keep them alive.

A time when the vast majority of people mindlessly consume countless chemicals, pesticides & other substances known to be harmful, in their daily diets & skincare routines.
Many if not most of these products are made by or linked with pharma companies who also keep millions of people propped up by synthetic drugs to prevent their illnesses from killing them, profiting throughout the entire cycle.

All the while the power of nature is belittled, suppressed & silenced.

If you were one of these conspiracy types, you might argue that it’s exactly these changes to our society which have brought us to the mess we’re in today, & that more of the same is sure as hell not the way out of it.
You might even suggest that the level of extreme control & compliance has only been possible after several generations of influence from those in power – those who have been slowly but surely causing us to lose trust in our bodies’ natural abilities whilst simultaneously gaining trust & dependency on their patented chemical products.
If you were to go ‘too far’ you might notice that these same people seem to have a strong distaste for bodily autonomy & a keen interest in eugenics.

At the time of writing we still have some human rights & free will left.

This means that we have a choice whether or not to take the advice of the World ‘Health’ Organisation & the National ‘Health’ Service, & keep ourselves in tip-top shape with social isolation, germ phobia, carcinogens, plastic screens, oxygen deprivation, sunlight avoidance & experimental ‘vaccines’/ gene therapy…

Or we can go rogue & focus on the following…
– Vitamin C
– Zinc
– Oxygen
– Turning off the news
– Exposure to germs
– Iodine
– Sunlight & Vitamin D
– Breathwork
– Avoiding toxic chemicals
– Turning off the news
– Magnesium
– Common sense
– Becoming exempt from mask wearing
– Love
– Exercise
– Gut health
– Hugs
– Laughter
– Avoiding emf’s
– Homeopathy to address underlying
health issues
– Avoiding blue light
– Turning off the news
– Vegetables
– Connecting to our instincts
– Time in nature
– Psychological freedom
– Energy healing
– CBD oil
– Detoxification, e.g. Epsom salts, clay, castor oil packing, enemas
– Happiness
– Turning off the news
– Herbal medicine
– Reading about incredible health feats e.g. Morris Goodman, Anita Moojani
– Relaxation
– Hydration
– Allowing acute illnesses to happen, as they help to clear toxicity
– Avoiding processed food
– Echinacea
– Organic food
– Meditation
– Using natural cosmetics
– Concentrated greens e.g. chlorella
– Human contact
(Lying bastards)

They can feed us their version of reality & dish out their version of health advice, but at the end of the day we are only responsible for ourselves & the choice is always ours.