‘Unvaccinated only’ – the new taboo

Something I’ve noticed being tentatively talked about more & more, is the concept of businesses & services specifically for the unvaccinated… but more than just businesses & services; places & opportunities to reach like-minded people, make much needed connections & form the beginnings of mutually supportive communities.
There’s a sense of discomfort & apology that seems to come with it though. A feeling of a need to go under the radar & to be discreet in order to avoid the inevitable attack, questioning & misunderstanding.

What with the illogical nonsensity of the vaccine passports & the already existing belief system/ consciousness divide, I’ve given this whole thing a lot of thought over the last few months… Does it create more divide? Is it discriminatory? Hypocritical?
I’ve concluded that regardless of any of these possibilities, for the moment at least – there’s a need for it.
And I’m ok with it.
More than ok with it; I’m doing it.
Here’s why.

During this facade, those of us choosing not to trust the government, media, pharmaceuticals etc. have repeatedly been dismissed as nothing but conspiracy theorists; troublesome pests at best, domestic terrorists at worst. An example to everyone of the dangers of thinking for yourself.
Obviously we brought it all on ourselves, what with our nonchalant, disrespectful attitude towards the corrupt authorities, & trying to warn others of their evil plans to remove our freedoms then give them back on condition of ‘vaccinating’ the entire planet with toxic shit of unknown consequences, eventually linking it to a ‘government slave social credit system’ by insisting the ‘vaccines’ are regularly topped up in order to travel or gain access to normal amenities… but regardless, there has been a hell of a lot of blame, shame, ridicule & belittling.
A lot of us have lost friends & family, many of whom were previously part of our support network.
Now many of us are losing our jobs for refusing this medical tyranny, & can no longer access large events.
At the time of writing, this is set to increase to include cinemas & theatres etc. very soon, & if other countries & current government threats are anything to go by it will then include cafes, restaurants & shops.

And there doesn’t appear to be much support for those of us being ostracised in this way. Far from it.
The silence is deafening.
And it speaks volumes.

I’m not saying any of this from a place of victimhood – people who have the insight, courage & integrity to stand firm amidst an absolute battering of societal pressure have the strongest of characters.
However it can be isolating & exhausting.
When in the company of those who follow the official narrative, there’s a tendency to feel we have to mute ourselves to some degree, to avoid the questions & arguments that we’ve been answering on repeat for almost 2 years despite them largely falling on deaf ears only to be asked again & again.

Add to this the fact that almost every unvaccinated person I know has experienced a physical reaction after being around vaccinated people.
This appears to be more evident in women, as the way it affects us (hormonally) is more obvious. In men it appears as more of a general toxicity, but is just as damaging, unwelcome & invasive.
Some people have accused this avoidance of vaccine shedding as being fear-based, but I liken it to McDonalds.
I care about my health. I take it seriously & put a lot of time & effort into it. I’m not remotely scared of a Big Mac, I just don’t want it in my body.

I’ve had emails from people all over the world saying they have no one to talk to who understands them, & this takes its toll.
When you’re standing up in this current insanity, meeting others who get it & get you is like an enormous weight being lifted from your shoulders.
The biggest breath of fresh air ever.
Everybody needs time with others on the same wavelength where they feel welcome & can be themselves, unfiltered with no judgement.
(In this instance, also knowing the person next to you is not shedding onto you the vaccine that you chose not to have.)

I’d also add that these little communities/ connections are hugely important places to have the opportunity to safely discuss ideas on how to move forward as the truth comes to light & our collapsing society finally falls to the ground.
Those convinced it will never happen aren’t planning for such an event, but those who are need the space to openly consider any eventuality as well as how to cope with life without normal access to jobs & shops etc.
We will all need to find another way to live at some point, & these communities are where ideas, information-sharing & collaborations can freely thrive.
Whether people see it yet or not, at some point it will be impossible not to, & if these groups seem weird, annoying, unfair & unnecessary now, they will be sure to make sense in the future.

It’s not about a personal dislike for anyone, a judgement of their choices or any kind of tit for tat. It’s just about the need to be with your own & get on with doing your thing without interference; a mutually supportive safe space with people who get you, share your conviction & have your back, at a time when the need for connection has never been more relevant or important.

There’s also the issue of compliance with ‘rules’ other than the passports; some people want to take their children to a shop/ cafe/ event where there won’t be adults in freaky masks treating them like they have leprosy & expecting them to slather toxic shite all over their hands, follow floor arrows like animals in training, stand behind danger tape & have a gun-like object pointed at their heads.

We’ve had 2 years of this shit.
Now there needs to be more on offer, whether the government & conformists like it or not.
The word ‘law’ can no longer be taken as uncontested truth when spoken from such corrupt ‘authorities’, to then be used by businesses as reason to impose inhumane demands which violate human rights, on the grounds of ‘just following orders’.
Businesses always have the option to further investigate these ‘laws’ & to push back.

There’s no argument that these passports have anything to do with health.
In America you now need a ‘health pass’ to get into Ben & Jerry’s.
Here in the UK the vaccine doesn’t protect you in your own home but at Wembley stadium it comes into its own.
If this isn’t insulting everyone’s intelligence I don’t know what will.

The whole thing is extraordinarily unhealthy, & many of us are done.
The emperor is stark bollock naked.
If some want to carry on stroking his imaginary velvet gown please crack on, but don’t expect me to stroke it with you.
I’m not joining in the madness.
The whole thing has just got too fucking weird to be involved with anymore.
We all know it’s about control & discrimination.
I can’t even humour it.
And I’m far from alone.

So yes, branching off independently could be seen as divisive, but I see it as a merging of supportive businesses & supportive communities.
A much needed wider scope of choice for the unvaccinated, as more & more options are taken from us.

Just because businesses & services have traditionally been about getting the job done & chatting shit about the weather, maybe things will evolve.
Maybe these everyday encounters can & will offer more substance, more connection, love & fulfillment.
I’m fully aware that sounds way too fluffy for ‘serious real life’, but actually it’s already happening; it’s been going on for a while now completely by accident with chance encounters that completely make someone’s day, but it’s so needed I think the time has come to be more deliberate about it.

I wonder if this is how the future will begin to take shape. At first out of necessity & then possibly because it just works better.
I don’t know.

But call it what you will, for the moment at least, there is a divide.
A medical apartheid – & there’s been very little resistance to it, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the ‘outcasts’ are doing their own thing.

For me, it’s sound baths (these don’t involve water or naked hippies) – please see my events page for more information.