Why we often get ill after an equinox

This will probably be the shortest & least entertaining blog I’ve ever written, as I meant to write it weeks ago but stuff happened & I never got round to it, but it’s about the equinox – which is today & I now find myself typing this with one hand whilst trying to look like I’m helping to put up a tent with the other.
That’s dedication.
Anyway, my message is this…
If you get ill in the next few weeks don’t automatically assume you’re dying.

Obviously I can’t be making any promises here, what with the global genocide agenda & everything, but the reason for my sense of urgency with this blog is that twice a year, on the equinox, there’s a change in direction of the energy flow in our bodies, which causes a release of toxins from within our cells – which then need to leave the body.
It’s nature’s way of giving us an automatic spring/autumn clean, to rid us of any toxic residue that might’ve built up in the 6 months since that last one.
To do this, the toxins need to move through the lymph, blood & liver, then into the bowel for evacuation.
Along the way, some are also excreted via the skin & the lungs, so ideally it’s really important to keep these ‘exit points’ open so they can do their job properly.

What happens in reality is one of 3 things…

1) The body effortlessly & efficiently eliminates the toxins, all is well & we crack on with life as if nothing happened.
• If we lived in harmony with nature & didn’t have endless streams of toxic shit thrown at us all day every day (by the same people currently insisting that the only way we could possibly evade death is to inject our veins with – surprise surprise – toxic shit), this would no doubt happen.
In real life though we couldn’t get much further from living in harmony with nature if we poured concrete on our heads, so this kind of smooth & comfortable transition through an equinox rarely happens unless we make a huge effort to counteract the chemical onslaught by continually working to remove toxins throughout the year, & even then these days they still tend to catch up with us.

2) The body struggles to shift it all through, & just like what happens when you pour water into a bottle too quickly through a funnel – issues arise.
This would be in the form of an acute (fairly short-lived) illness, after which we’re nicely cleansed.
• This is more common, & the reason for me writing this blog… We’ve never been more bombarded with fear-porn than we are today. We’ve become so obsessed with not getting ill that we’ve forgotten that humans get ill. We’ve forgotten how 2 years ago, despite thousands of people dying of flu every year, we’d still crack on with life – go to work with a cough or send the kids to school with a runny nose. We might phone ahead to see how 85 year old granny feels about us visiting if someone’s under the weather, & let her make her own mind up, rather than checking in with the frigging government about how many masks, vaccines & antisocial forcefields need to be in place before she can hug a child.
Basically, we’re bombarded with toxins, they build up in the body, the equinox comes & gives us a kick up the backside, the body freaks out like it’s just been slapped round the face for snoring, tries its best to rise to the challenge but often falls short.
This is actually ok though, & that’s my point. It might be a bit (or very) uncomfortable, but it’s perfectly natural that when we get a backlog of toxins, we get symptoms…
Stagnant lymph can give us swollen glands or a sore throat, then we can get a fever as the body works to thin it, in order to get things moving faster.
Overworked skin can become inflamed.
A tired liver can give us a headache.
The whole thing can make us feel sluggish, hot, tired & snotty.
We might not enjoy it, but the body knows what to do & the symptoms we get are just signs that the body is working hard to free us of unwanted shite.

3) The body is so weighed down with toxicity that the ‘exit points’ are too slow moving & clogged up to cope with another load coming down the hatch, so rather than exit the body, the toxins released from the cells move deeper into the body, either causing or adding to an existing chronic (long-term) illness.
• This can go unnoticed, partly because acute illnesses are more elaborate & attention-grabbing, & also because the more toxic we are, the less able we are to hear what our bodies are trying to tell us . Chronic disease is also generally considered either genetic, bad luck, or ‘just one of those things’ in our culture, & consequently rarely considered in terms of toxicity.
All is far from lost though, as the body is amazingly brilliant at detoxifying, even from seemingly incurable chronic diseases; but it does require a lot of motivation, effort & help from us (& it’s never just physical; this is my focus for this blog, but there are always hugely important emotional & energetic aspects too).

So, all of the above hopefully goes some way to explain why we often get ill in the weeks following an equinox.

It’s also why the media, big pharma, the fear-porn pushers & all other related institutions jump all over it like the crazed drug-pushers they are, using the ‘problem’ of the equinox clear-out to cause the ‘reaction’ (fear, fear & more fear), so they, & ONLY they, can come to the ‘rescue’ with their ‘solutions’ – usually in the form of toxic chemicals squirted up noses, rubbed on skin & injected into veins etc etc.
This is of course massively problematic in itself, because although they might sometimes appear to remove symptoms, they’re not actually removing anything, they’re just suppressing any toxicity from being released & pushing it further into the body, adding to the likelihood of chronic illness…
‘Taking drugs & thinking you’re healthy is like taking out a loan & thinking you’re rich.’

When the lunatics have taken over the asylum to this degree it’s no wonder we ended up in the psychotic circus of doom we’re in now.

So what can we do about it?
Well, to end the circus of doom we just need to stop taking orders from mad people.
To deal with an equinox detox, it all comes down to keeping the ‘exit points’ as open as possible.
How do we do this?
It does depend on your level of overall health & if you’re new to detoxing; now isn’t the time to suddenly go from pies, pasties & beer to a 10 day water fast.
Actually there’s never a good time for that.
Here are some ideas though & they’ve all worked well for me. I can’t give specific advice as I don’t know your specifics, but they’re there to explore further if they interest you.

• Breath…
Keeping the mouth & face free from obstructive things that might cause you to inhale your own toxins back into your lungs would be good here, & would give the added bonus of a decent oxygen intake.
Masks have been found to contain an entire cocktail of toxic chemicals themselves, which many people are now sadly spending all day every day breathing into their lungs in attempt to avoid a generally mild respiratory illness.

• Skin…
The skin is the largest organ of the body so is a great tool at times like the equinox when extra support is needed; Epsom salts baths, Himalayan salt baths & clay baths are all great for pulling toxins out through the skin.
And you get to lie down.
Skin brushing also removes acidity from the outer layer of skin.

• Lymph…
Skin brushing is amazing for the lymph because unlike the blood, it doesn’t have a pump to help it flow; it has to ‘piggyback’ on the blood – so gentle pressure from skin brushing helps to keep it moving.
Always brush in the direction of the heart.

• Liver…
Greens are great for liver health, particularly concentrated ones such as chlorella, wheatgrass & spirulina.
Castor oil packing is one of my favourites, & although it can be used as a healing tool anywhere on the body, it is especially useful on the liver. It holds the full spectrum of light, which penetrates into the cells, bringing increased lymph flow & cell communication, and it somehow manages to differentiate between healthy cells that need to be nurtured & cell debris that needs clearing away. Amazing. (Not to be used with high blood pressure or when menstruating.)
Coffee enemas are also incredible for the liver but to be honest that’s probably one for another time.

• Bowels…
Water, water & more water. Flush it all through, keep it moving. 2 litres of filtered water a day is especially important at this time of year. If you want to go the extra mile, get a water vortex funnel; this restructures the water into a form the body can recognise & utilise properly. Dropping water 15 inches as you’re pouring does the same thing.
Water enemas (like a mini DIY colonic irrigation) are brilliant at these times too; obviously they clear out the bowels, but they also act like an internal massage with the water stimulating pressure points which trigger movement in other areas of the body. It’s also another avenue of water intake, so helps with overall hydration too.

• Other – rest as much as possible & eat light.
If you’ve done it before, now is a good time for a fast; even intermittent fasting will help to lighten the load. If I don’t feel like fasting I sometimes go for a few days of just fruit, or juices, or really simple untaxing meals like soup.
I have to add that being a complete foodie I never find this easy, but I do feel good on it, so for me it’s worth the effort.

Basically the idea is to recognise that the body is busy doing stuff & it’s helpful to give it a break &/or a helping hand, so it can get on with it as effectively as possible.
I think of it like when I’m trying to write a blog in the car on the way back from holiday & my kids are in the back asking for food every 2 minutes – if they backed off & looked out the window instead I’d get it done a lot quicker & more easily.

So I’m not saying if you get ill in the next few weeks it’s definitely 100% an equinox induced detox, but I am saying there’s a very good chance that it could be.
As ever, it’s just another perspective in attempt to give some balance in this topsy-turvy weird & wonderful world of crazy we currently live in.

Happy equinox!