I’m a naturopathic nutritionist…

I love food & I strongly disagree with compromising on taste for the sake of health. Although commonly believed, it’s absolutely not necessary.

For this reason, for the past 3 years I’ve been running many of my own cookery/ fermentation/ health & detox workshops, as well as cookery school classes, & stage demonstrations at food & other festivals/ wellness shows.

I love writing; I wrote for The Green Parent magazine & was on the panel of experts & a regular article contributor for Thrive magazine. However, integrity is everything to me, & towing the party line/ censorship has never been so rife as it is today – therefore I’m over the moon to be taking my unshackled words into my own hands & writing my very own blog.

I also became an accidental kombucha brewer & chocolatier for the simple reason that I love making them & found that people loved drinking & eating them.
They both did me proud at the 2020 Great Taste Awards too; my chocolate won 1 star & my kombucha 2 stars. Very happy!

This year I’m planning to branch out into retreats, where I can do what I do food & healthwise, but also incorporate more naturopathic detox techniques, as well as energy healing & soundbaths.

I also home educate my 3 children which is to me the best job in the world & the reason I currently work part-time!

All events will be posted here, I’ll regularly be putting up new recipes, & these plus a link to my latest blog post will be included in my monthly newsletter.