I’m a naturopathic nutritionist…

Given the ever changing nature of this wonderfully insane planet, below is a description of what I did, what I do & what I intend to do in the future…

• It started with food.
I love food & I strongly disagree with compromising on taste for the sake of health. Although commonly believed, it’s absolutely not necessary.
For this reason, I spent 5 years running many of my own cookery/ fermentation/ health & detox workshops, as well as cookery school classes, & stage demonstrations at food & other festivals/ wellness shows.
I still do these occasionally (apart from stages, I don’t do these anymore – I realised I’m too shy! See my Events page for any upcoming dates).

• During this time I also became an accidental kombucha brewer & chocolatier for the simple reason that I love making them & found that people loved drinking & eating them.
They both did me proud at the 2020 Great Taste Awards, where my chocolate won 1 star & my kombucha 2 stars. I continue to sell my kombucha in my local area (West Wales).

• I create & share many recipes, flying the flag for the great tasting healthy alternatives of popular staples, as well as a few more obscure creations.
(See Recipes page.)

• I have a shop page here on this site, where a small but ever-increasing range of my favourite naturopathic aids & tonics are available.

• I offer naturopathic ‘detox & rebuild’ consultations, where we look at the fundamentals of what’s going on in the body, & how changes to diet & lifestyle could be of benefit, including the use of naturopathic techniques. (See Naturopathy Consultations page for more information.)

• I also hold group sound baths, using the frequencies of the gong, Himalayan bowls & crystal bowls, to induce all kinds of blissfully healing states of consciousness.
Tuning forks are a huge part of my life these days too, including the wonderful Biofield Tuning method, all of which will be gradually incorporated more & more into what I do (see Sound Therapy & Events pages for more information).

• My main love however, is writing.
I wrote for The Green Parent magazine & was on the panel of experts & a regular article contributor for Thrive magazine for several years.
However, integrity is everything to me, & towing the party line/ censorship has never been so rife as it is today – which in 2020 led me to take my unshackled words into my own hands & begin my very own blog. 
I’m honoured to have since had many articles published in OffGuardian & The Light newspaper, both of which are in my mind part of the much-needed & hugely refreshing antithesis to the agenda-driven propaganda currently dominating most of what we read.

• I recently combined my writing abilities with my knowledge & experience of narcissism, to write ‘A Pandemic of Narcissistic Abuse’, my first book. A heartfelt mission to raise awareness of the nature of narcissism both on a personal level & how it relates to what’s happening in the world today, with our ongoing need to uphold & protect our health & many other freedoms. To me this underpins the whole concept of wellbeing in today’s world. I am now writing my second book, ‘pHARMed’, which focuses on exposing the corruption & misinformation within the health industry, laced with helpful & empowering snippets of information from the world of natural health. (See my Books page for more information & excerpts, & Shop page or Amazon to order a copy.)

• Last but in no way least, I home educate my 3 children – which is to me the best job in the world & the reason I currently work part-time!…


These past few years have pulled me further & further both personally & professionally into the world of energy.
My nutrition training was all about clearing the body to hold the light & it’s never made more sense to me than now.
I’ve always felt that Barbara (Wren – my teacher) & her work were ahead of their time, & if I’m honest, until recently I’ve found it difficult to integrate what I’ve learnt & experienced into a nutritional practise due to the world we live in with its societal beliefs, conditioning & restraints.
I’ve always known though that one day the world will turn on its head… So now that it’s finally happening, the restraints & barriers associated with natural health are beginning to fall away as the old systems continue to collapse around us, creating much needed space for entirely different, positive structures to take their place.

Although it might make no sense whatsoever to many people, I’m truly excited (albeit in a bittersweet kind of way) of what’s to come. My future work will involve all of what I currently do, plus more sound baths, books & Biofield Tuning. I will keep this site updated as things change & come available.

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